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  1. i actually i think that would be fun too!
  2. i am in the same boat as you are and am on here for the same reasons. ever need to chat i am here.
  3. trying to repair my relationship with god, could use a prayer or two.
  4. anyone into camping and fishing and gun training? it would be nice to start an outdoor group or something. or even find local people to go out hiking with or something.
  5. looking to get involved in a forum/group of people/pen-pal with someone or some people to try and get back in to things. i will admit, i am a bit nervous about this step. i have been trying to repair my relationship with god and though it's been shaky at best, i feel he is calling me to seek a community and accountability. so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. also i have tried to join the live chat room and other stuff and i understand i am new, but am i not allowed to do certain things yet or at all? thank you all for any info you can give me.
  6. i am new to this site and am looking for fellowship. i travel a lot for work so i am trying this out to be involved in a community and friendships. i grew up christian and have had a bit of a falling out with my faith and am looking to rebuild and salvage my relationship with god. i look forward to being apart of this community. everyone have a blessed day.
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