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  1. But doesn't the bible say things like, "turn the other cheek." And, "Vegence is mine sayegh the lord." Doesnt it say not to be violent. But also isnt there stories of God helping people to "destroy" their enemy? Could anything like that contradict itself?
  2. Just to be clear, I dont ask to try to prove that there are contradictions. I'm asking because I dont believe there are any.
  3. I was wondering if there are contradictions of the same story in the bible, and if there are what does that mean for the validity of the bible?
  4. Charlotte and Bautista are going to win!
  5. Wow thanks for the lovely reception!
  6. Does anyone know scripture about if God promises a wife? Or what a man should do for a wife?
  7. Hello all, im Shua. I was just introduced to this site by a friend, and im excited to have found a community like this to discus God’s word. Like many people i have thoughts and questions, and im curious to see how they stack up with others that are active on this site. Im also eager to see what i can learn or teach others. Sometimes i struggle with my faith, but i know that talking with believers about the glory of God is a blessing and im happy to do it on any platform. Ill be posting questions and comments, and any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading and i look fowarding to discussing the bible with you all!
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