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  1. I use the KJV , but also have the NIV n ESV well to use as comparisons.
  2. I'd like ta think the Spirit dells within me, even though I'll always be a "work in progress". I struggle with thing daily, as I believe most of us do, but i am at a point where I instantly recognize my mistakes and ask God for forgiveness and guidance. At times this seems a bit repetitious but hey I'm fallible n my Lord n Saviour is well aware of this! I believe all He expects of me is to put my best foot forward n keep marchin' in His name. Just my two bits, JJ
  3. It is easy to tell that "scientologist" know nothin' of God by their bizarre and extravagant behavior, everythin' about them seems to be for "self" n this just ain't the Christian way. Just my two bits, JJ
  4. I consider myself a conservative, I have old fashion'd morals when it comes to family, responsibilities, law an respect. My faith reveals my conservatism as well, I believe in and love my Lord n Savior, the King James is my Good book (many versions seem to stray from or change God's word IMO) , and I believe we are here to serve God by lovin' n servin' one another. Liberals these days are only God fearin' when it suits their agenda, this to me is a direct affront to God. Just my two bits, JJ
  5. My faith is my Love for our Savior and His guide as to how I should be living my life and serving Him. Just my two bits, JJ
  6. I agree that we should talk to God in prayer; however, the Bible is more than just an introductory to Him. The Good Book is like a text book in school, a means to teach, full of answers to questions we may have. Just my two bits, JJ
  7. I couldn't agree more, I struggle with forgiveness like everybody but with Jade says makes a lot of sense.
  8. This is the separation of the wheat n the chaff. Christians are to be fruitfull with their lives serving God in the lane He has set ya upon. Just my two bits, JJ
  9. James 2:12 "So speak ye, and so do, as they shall be judged by the law of liberty." I didn't find this demons thing ya speak of.
  10. Tobacco n alcohol have been round for centuries, this includes the time when Jesus walk'd the earth. Alcohol; mainly wine: is mention'd in the Good Book as we all know. The Good book speaks of excess when it comes to drinkin', we are to do so moderately. I directly wouldn't have a problem workin' a liquor store, but would feel a need to speak to those abusin' alcohol. just my two bits, JJ
  11. Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works lest any man should boast."
  12. I look at this as a "package deal" because we are to confess our sins AND accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Peter mentions this in Acts 2:38. Just my two bits JJ
  13. I tend to reflect on my life in a few ways. The first is how have I been dealin' with temptations that confront me. This is something we all face in today's world. Secondly, is how I treat those around me bein' friend family or the stranger. The Good Book says we're to love one another as we love ourselves, and this is something we all struggle with. There is always somebody that is difficult to befriend, a family member we quarrel with, that stranger who angers us. Thirdly is my relationship with the Lord, am I prayin' enough, am I studyin' His word and applyin' it to my life? We aren't always as vigilant in doin' these things as we would like, but the idea is to keep on doin' the best we can. I know I am far from perfect, and God knows this for sure! Just my two bits, JJ
  14. You can't pursue anything from the Spirit the Spirit provides. And I believe that when the "disciples spoke in many tongues" this was in reference to many languages in order to be able to spread the word more efficiently. I think thisother conceptof tongues originates from ignorant misinterpretation. Just my two bits, JJ
  15. I thank everyone for their responses n prayers, I've had a rough time lately. Heard from family for the first time in nearly a decade, n all II got was derogatory remarks n bad wishes...I mean what is the point in that effort? It truly was intended to hurt n offend, n this from my "so call'd"mother n brother. I now see that I shouldn't expect anythin' from them anymore n am just movin' on. Just my two bits, JJ
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