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  1. I'm a Southern Baptist, and I drink ( bourbon, no beer ) alcohol is ok in moderation. It's excess the good book speaks of.
  2. Firstly always follow your state laws. Secondly, find a weapon that fits your grip (hand), ya can't shoot well otherwise. Thirdly, take a trainin' course if ya ain't familiar with firearms, safety first! And I would advise gettin' a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon permit) regardless if your state requires it, like here in Arizona. Just my two bits, JJ
  3. I see what ya mean brother. The liberalistic media always tends to show our faith in the way they see it, and bein' they aren't followers of our faith, we are portray'd in a bad light. I tend not to be offend'd but as ya say sadden'd by it. The only thing i see i can do is show them the true light of our faith in the way I conduct myself to those around me. Just my two bits, JJ
  4. Howdo Miss Rose, ya have allota good folks here, givin'ya great advise and I can agree with them. It took me a good while to find a church congregation that didn't make me feel alienated on any level. I forgave n pray'd for them n God led me to where I'm at today. Don't lose faith, keep prayin' for guidance and the Lord will get ya where He intends ya to be. God bless n prayers to ya! Just my two bits, JJ
  5. The law, to us in the new covenant, is like a textbook to learn God's word and his ways. It teaches us how God wants us to live and treat one another. Grace is his abundant love and forgiveness of our failure to fully comply. Noone can fully obey the law, we are infallible, man has proven this throughout the bible. We most certainly cannot reach the Heavenly Kingdom without the covenant of Grace. Just my two bits, JJ
  6. Howdo friend, I believe it's just a matter of how you present it. To share it as somethin' you enjoyed is one thing, sharin' with a declared statement is another. Just my two bits, JJ
  7. Three in one. Let's look at this a minute, we have God the father, Jesus who is God in the flesh, an God in the Spirit. This is a question that would be difficult to answer, in my opinion. My belief is, yes all are One. But this is my personal interpretation which others may see differently. As I said, tuff question my friend. Just my two bits, JJ
  8. Noone wants their child to know poverty. Keep in mind, that if your child knows your love, poverty will be no great shakes. My prayers to you n yours n peace upon your soul. Just my two bits, JJ
  9. The question should be "what don't ya see that says the end is near?" Just my two bits, JJ
  10. Point in fact, President Trump is the best leader we have had in a long time. He actually cares about us all. The media will continually slander him because they serve the liberal Democratic agenda, that is trying to destroy the United States! Just my two bits,. JJ
  11. Yes, denominations were created by man, and often over petty stuff; however, I believe that different doctrines can serve a positive purpose. In this I mean bringin' folks to Lord n the church. I myself had left one denomination, the congregation made me fell alienated cuz I was different. I since have been enjoyin' another denomination where I am wholly accepted n has brought me closer to Christ in learnin', prayer n fellowship. So positive points do exist form the variety of denominations, they're not all bad. Just my two bits, JJ
  12. I can't say that I've changed much. I enjoy the discussions, helpin' others with their questions n such, an the fellowship in the chat room. It's nice to have a place to enjoy these things at any given time. Just my two bits, JJ
  13. Lee, God brings ya to Him through the Holy Spirit. The fact your here askin' tells me that ya have faith in your heart. Just my two bits, JJ
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