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  1. I believe that "speaking in tongues" gets misinterpreted allot. I believe it is in reference of multiple different languages, not some unintelligible gibbering as many identify it. Just my two bits. JJ
  2. I don't believe so. My church is mighty in fellowship, ya always have many takin' your back. And I am mighty grateful to God for bringin' them into my life!
  3. I truly do not appreciate the hateful speech against our President! Look at recent history, no President has made more positve advances since President Reagan. In all my life I have never seen the hatred and attacks upon a president. What exactly is ya'lls problem? The good book clearly states that we submit to our leaders! A country divided cannot stand!
  4. I tend to agree. Civilization today throws the "carnal" in our faces, further strengthening desires of the flesh. This is merely another ongoing test from God ( the devil plays a major role however ), to separate the wheat from the chaf. How strong are you? This is the question above all. i struggle with life's challenges as all do, in my mind it becomes a matter of will.......God or temptation? Which will it be?
  5. Since we are nt held accountable for old testament dietary laws, I eat whatever my doctor says I can eat...... high blood pressure n diabetes aside....LOL
  6. As ya probably guessed by my handle, I live along the border. We have been bein' invaded by crooks,thieves, murders n the like for years. i km now I'm supposed to love all my bretheren, but enuff is enuff! We need a wall!
  7. Notre Dame is just a structure. It kills me that they saved a bunch of artifacts ( which mostly I think are fakes) yet they do not account for those who died buildin' that place. Once again folks, a church is a body of believers, not a building!
  8. Could use some prayers myself. I suffer from a major back injury n hips that are in bad shape. Pain is a daily companion to me n I still gotta keep on kickin'. Thankya kindly n God bless, JJ
  9. Prayers for healin' n strength to endure to ya'll
  10. Prayers for strength n guidance to you my friend. God bless!
  11. My prayers for healin' to your brother as well as Prayers for strength n comfort for ya'll. JJ
  12. My heart goes out to you Miss ShortAngel I lost my bud Cujo back in Decmber to cancer. I kept asking God to save him then was askin' why. He was only 7 yrs old n was by my side 24/7 n I miss him dearly. My condolences n prayers to you I'll tell Cujo to look for him/her. JJ
  13. I am failing to see how President Trump is being connected here. The peace is to be initiated by the anti-christ. President Trump is a Christian who brought our faith back into the White House with prayer. So please explain to me the connection you are "trying" to make. Thankya kindly JJ
  14. I enjoy fellowship in a few ways. Of course in my church with my church family learning more of God's word. I also enjoy our potlucks where we can share our lives together. Odd as it may seem to some of you I also enjoy time with non-believers discussing/debating my Christian faith, after all they are God's children as well.
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