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  1. Leyla

    Praise God

    I want to praise god today for giving me the strength to do a trip I wanted to do for a long time.
  2. I dont get along with my family. Please pray so I can meet them again or atleast only my older sister
  3. I did not talk about the comparison with peodophiles because i thought it deserves a seperated thread. Living out pedophilia hurts innocent people, homosexuality between consenting adult does not. Wanting to murder people is a very destructive urge, I dont see how homosexuality can even come close to that. Comparing intimancy with people from your own gender, with physicaly or mentally hurting innocent people is simply out of proportions
  4. Reading that confirms my understanding of it, that its just a cross some people have to carry. A predisposition they were born with, or something they aquired with their life, that they cant change or influence. It sounds very unfair to me, that the things you feel in your heart are worth less, or considered bad, just because the feelings are towards someone your own gender.
  5. Why is the desire to be with the person you love or to be intimate with that person, a sin? Is homosexuality just dead weight that some people have to carry around their entire life?
  6. Is thinking about/comitting suicide a sin? If it is do doctors commit a sin, when they assist in a suicide?
  7. Leyla

    Hello im new

    Hello and thanks for the welcomming words
  8. Its not proven yet, that information cant self assembly, so we cant assume that its impossible. And just because we have lots of genetical information does not mean that it disproves evolution. Science also does not believe that we evolved only by chance. Evolution went through natural selection and that is more than just chance, things that are better adapted to the enviroment, are universally more likely to survive. All our ancestors went extinct or evolved into what they are now, the modern monkeys are very different from our common ancestor with monkeys
  9. The only way to disprove Evolution, or the Theory of evolution is to find dead animals in a time period in which they dont belong, for example modern rabbits in the dinosaur age. Such a thing never happened, so the only way to disprove it was not found yet.
  10. Leyla

    Newbie post

    Hello Essilor
  11. Hello Lyn, nice to meet you
  12. Leyla


    Hello Elles
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