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  1. Hello my friend has a health problem and I would like to ask you to pray for him to get better and to have Gods protection from bad things. Thank you
  2. Leyla

    Praise God

    I want to praise God for allowing me to meet my family again after such a long time.
  3. Hello and thanks for the prayers everyone. I intented to update you sooner (once my new chemo started). It was supposed to start once my UTI got better, but now I caught pneumonia so it will be postponed again and it will take some time until the next treatment starts. I can continue to update you, if you wish. Thanks for the prayers, it makes me feel like Im not alone anymore.
  4. I appreciate it, that bothering me in every thread I make is tolerated here. Can you stop interrupting productive conversations by always mentioning me or my private information. Its really distracting for me. I only share personal information that Im comfortable with on the internet, however I did not share it to have it written in every thread, everywhere i write. Atleast do it like the others and limit yourself to only bothering me in private messages.
  5. Again, what makes you assume that there is only one God and why do you assume that its your God, the God of the bible? Mine or your health condition, have no influence over which things are true and which are false. How do you know that I should seek Jesus and not Allah or Wischnu or Zeus or Thor or the flying spaghetti monster? Mohammad is a prophet only to those who have faith and believe in him. Do you see how little value claims like this have? What method did you use to determine what religions are manmade? Did you use the same method on christianity? How did you determine that christianity is true? How did you determine that mohammad was a simple human and jesus the son of god? How dare you to devalue innocent humans to a point where you can even accept that they will experience punishment in an eternal fire in hell. How can you be so cruel and nonloving to humans? Im not morally crooked enough to do that. I have more respect for my cat, than you have to some humans I dont care about what you believe, but its time to stop following me on every thread, if the only thing you want to do, is saying bad things about me. If you ever decide to participate in a productive conversation then go ahead. However if you only aim to say bad things or to make claims without providing evidence, then atleast stop mentioning my name everytime you do that.
  6. Could this exact situation, happen in an alternate world, an alternate universe that has no God?
  7. No that would be horrible. Something that is horrible is not a miracle from God, so I dont consider this example a miracle
  8. Do we have any reason to assume that without God, science would not exist? I think a thought experiment (my favourite one) would help alot. Imagine an alternate universe. Universe A has God. Universe B has no God. How will universe B, be different from universe A? If we can determine how a universe without a God would look like, we can start to compare it with the universe that we live in right now and see if there are any similarities or differences.
  9. Thats something I heard with other religions too. I remember that my family had a documentary running about how Islam helped prisoners start a new life, become better humans etc. Islam contradicts the Christian view completly. It seems that religion can change your life, even if its something that is probably not true. ( Scientology, Islam, Paganism etc). I also remember the time when I was on a satanist website similiar to this forum. People talked alot about how finding a new community (that accepts them) helped them in their life. It helped them overcome depression or addiction, find the strength to apply to a job after year long unemployment etc. Just having a community or finding a believe system that ressonates with you, is often enough to change your life. It doesnt tell you anything about the validity of your believe system. I cant make dead people alive again. Do you have proof that God can bring people back to life? Proof, that the Bible is worth believing in or that (our) God exists would be enough for me.
  10. I am not playing games I simply examine ideas and check if they are worth believing in. I am trying to believe and I am NOT trying to make others not believe. I am simply scrutinising Christianity the way I did with Islam. If Christianity is something that can not withstand scrutiny, then is it really something worth believing in? If Christianity can withstand my scrutiny, then I would have a reason to accept it. We scrutinise EVERY idea, except our religion. Why is religion something we have to make an exception for? Why do you think that Christianity will lead to salvation, and not Islam, Paganism, Buddhism, Janeism, Judaism, the ancient egypt Gods, the old greek gods, Mormonism, Hindus, Sikhism, Bahaism, Confucianism, Shintoism or one of the other thousands of religions? If one religion is true, then all the others are false, and all the other religions will lead to hell (atleast for the religions that have a concept of hell). We have to find the religion that is true, and we can only find it if we question everything and look for the most reasonable religion. Do you have proof for christianity? Outside of "just believe"? If "just believe" was all that was necesarry, to proof something true, then all religions are true. Every serious follower of a religion, thinks that their religion is true and that its the best for them. What makes christianity different? Also what are the proven facts to all true christians, can you tell me atleast one. How are close examinations, careful research and logical conclusions "deceiving others"? You did not reply to any of my serious replies, for example my calculations of the flood in my previous posts. All you do is assert that Christianity is true without providing any evidence that its true. Aslong as we did not establish, that Christianity is true, we have to take into consideration that Christianity could be a false religion, a smokescreen that distracts us from the true faith.
  11. Okay Ill go it through. What miracles? Okay lets imagine an alternate universe. Imagine we have 2 universes. Universe A has Jesus in it ( our universe ) . Universe B doesnt have Jesus in it. Universe A has a God, Universe B is Godless. Lets also make the assumption, that we have an earth and the exact same humans in both universes. How will universe B, be different from universe A? What things will happen in universe A, that will never happen in universe B and vice versa? Once we can determine, how a universe without a God would look like, we can start to compare it with our universe and see similarities or differences.
  12. What method can we use, to determine what is a real relationship with God and what is not? To discover what is true and what is false
  13. Maybe my receptor is broken, how is yours currently? Do you know someone with better sensors than mine so we can examine miracles more closely.
  14. because this thread is about modern day miracles. If someone experienced something that can be considered a miracle, then it would benefit us all to know about it. God doesnt seem to be a responsive entity, so it will take some time until I get an answer from him.
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