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  1. My good friend Francesco is in the Hospital with Pneumonia. All your Prayers and thoughts would be greatly received
  2. I personally don't trust Mental Health Professionals and Therapists etc.
  3. I can't offer you any advice but I will pray and hope for you
  4. Marshall McLuhan predicted the advent of the World Wide Web back in 1964 amongst other things. His book The Medium is The Massage sums up the New Media Environments. The Medium is the Massage The Medium is the Message The Medium is the MASS AGE The Medium is the MESS AGE
  5. It will be a Communist who did that research.
  6. Greetings James, I know you will enjoy yourself here. With regards to you writing papers, are you familiar with Marshall McLuhan?
  7. It is important to surround yourself with fellow believers. You will be made most welcome here. Denis
  8. Thank you, I will enjoy posting and contributing here. God Bless
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome
  10. Greetings, I am looking forward to contributing to these forums. God Bless, Denny
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