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  1. Video deleted by Omegaman 3.0, since videos are only allowed in the video section.
  2. We seek Jesus. He is the only way. Currently, Israel is ruled by people that reject Christ. They are literally anti-Christ. We must not support them.
  3. Video Removed, not allowed in this location of the forums.
  4. If you give them away, people won't value them.
  5. Steve looks great but what is tryly inspiring about him is his personality.
  6. Osteen is insteresting. People either love him or hate him. What are your thoughts? Here is an interesting take on him.
  7. Edited: Remeoved video, Omegaman 3.0 I know this video is a little long but it is indeed Christian. Enjoy.
  8. We need to get out of these wars. I am not sure Trump can get us out though.
  9. Thank you Jesus for giving me such a wonderful family and time to spend with them.
  10. This guy may seem like the typical narcisstic bodybuilder/vlogger, but he radiates such a positive energy. He also makes no secret of being a Christian. I highly recommend him, even if you don't work out.
  11. Thanks you so much for all the wonderful greetings.
  12. Greetings. I am a happy dad and new here. I look forward to all the lively discussions from Christian brothers. I am doing my best to parent in the world. I am not perfect but learning new things every day. Have a happy Holy Week.
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