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  1. Right! Btw, I’m excited about the new Trivia app George is getting for us.
  2. What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
  3. I would love to have a bengal kitty cat. Looking forward to the pics, Faith.
  4. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You did it!!!!!! … Mahhhvolous!!!!!
  5. This is my favorite one: (Ain’t it cute?)
  6. Hi! Several people have been wondering where I get my emojis and how I post them. I collect them from various sites, but feel free to copy and use any of mine if you want. Here’s how you can copy any of my emoji: 1. Hold your finger down on the emoji until a box opens up. 2. Choose ‘Save Image’ from the list. It will go to your photo library. 3. When you’re posting and are ready to use an emoji, look just below the dialogue box, and you will see a paper clip. Select ‘Click to choose files’. 4. Next, select Photo Library. Tap on the emoji you want to use. There will be a blue check mark beside it. 5. Next, check ‘Done’. The image will be loaded right beneath your dialogue box. 6. Tap the + sign, and it will now be part of your post. 7. Ta-dahhhhh!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!
  7. Greetings, JPT… Thanks, and I truly appreciate your patient answer. Blessings… Shine on!
  8. WELCOME, tughard, and I’ll say it once more… WELCOME!!
  9. It is a good place, and I hope you will be blessed by the fellowship.
  10. Good morning, Irene. Thanks for that awesome scripture! …and WELCOME!
  11. I loves ya; that’s why, my brother.
  12. I’ll do as my friend, Godismyloveforever does—smile sweetly and then I’ll welcome you to Worthy. So glad you’re here!
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