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  1. Thank you both! Someone must have been praying! The Lord created an opportunity in conversation so I could slip my baptism in. My husband is completely cool with it. He says he finds it weird but if it makes me happy, I need to go for it. He also said that I can teach our young children about Jesus at home, and thats not a problem, but they are not to go to Sunday school. I accepted that As I think he is compromising a lot. He has said he will come to the baptism, and asked was there a party afterwards...I think he was hoping for a Catholic style baptism party, complete with lots of booze. I put him straight :-) A very positive outcome!
  2. As some of you know, I was born and baptized into Catholicism, was a wishy-washy Christian all my life, up until about six weeks ago when I feel I got saved. I come from a moderate Catholic family who think its nice to have a bit of faith and be good to others (when it suits) but you shouldn't be extreme about it. My husband is a total, TOTAL nonbeliever who tolerates my faith. They issue I. ...I want to have an adult baptism. My family will think I have lost it, and traditionally, this has been a big trigger for me as they have unfairly accused me of being unstable in the past. My husband will think that its crazy but I am worried about my parent's' reaction. And my inlaws...they will think I've gone crazy and will gossip about me. I am going to get baptised regardless. Their opinions won't stop me, but I would just like some advice or experiences from people to keep me buoyed up and encouraged as I step out against my worldy loved ones. I know that God will smooth the way and give me strength but just need a little push from my brothers and sisters in Christ. Should I pray for my loved ones to accept my choice without resistance or should I be relishing the persecution to be close to Jesus? As I said. ..the baptism will happen, but I feel like I need to really gather myself beforehand. Any tips? I am praying about it.
  3. What an uplifting response!!Honestly I feel so invigorated and energised. Thank youu!
  4. Thank you so much for your reply! And you are so right. There are definitely weeds in my heart that are stopping the Word of God...but I now know what I need to pray for. As for being concerned with what non believers think, this is a real problem. I was raised to always blend in and not risk my reputation. My mother was very into outward appearances and while I am much less like that than she was, I am a slave to what other people think. Can you give me a good starting point? What would be a good practical step to break free And put God first? I have been wanting to get baptised (was baptised as a baby but feel the urge to make my faith official). I have been putting it off as I wanted everyone in my family to be happy for me first. I told my mother this morning that I have started going to church and she was fine about it...but it shouldn't have matteted! My husband will think I'm crazy and wont approve...but I think it would be a good first step in boldness. What do you think?
  5. I am asking a lot of questions on this board, so apologies for spamming! Background: raised as Catholic and had lifelong faith and belief in Jesus, but this Jesus was a kind of made-up Jesus who endorsed my sinful life. I was pulled towards the true biblical Jesus 2 years ago but think I only got saved about two months ago (sin suddenly seemed very unappealing). I believe that Jesus died for my sins. I love Him and now read the Bible which I never did before. I pray throughout the day and found a new biblical church. I repent of my sins at least once a day and give thanks as often as I remember to. I am now super submissive to my husband, don't swear, get drunk or take drugs (anymore). I try to be less judgemental and not talk about people. I have cleaned up my act a lot. I know we arent saved through works but I am just showing that God is convicting me of sins and I am repenting and changing my ways as I am guided. However i feel really held back by the fact my husband doesn't believe. I wish I could throw myself into a kind of 'Shout it out' sort of faith but I know that would really put him off the idea of Christianity if he heard me talking about Jesus the way I want to. When I try, he closes up, looks at me like ive lost my mind and I know the best witness for him is the example of my actions. My parents are very suspicious of anyone who is passionate about their faith. They think they are unstable and mother has questioned my stability in the past, so they would just think I am mad. I would tell them if they asked but it hasn't come up And I still havent received an answer to my prayers on how to tell them. My faith isn't a secret. I am very open to telling anyone I am a Christian if the topic comes up, and explain why, but I don't advertise it. I have told my closest friends who dont really get it, and was sure to leave my Bible out when I had guests over last week. I have Bible verses on my wall at home and I was considering getting a cross tattoo as a conversation starter! On social media I share some 'light' memes relating to thanking God for our blessings, but never use my voice to condemn things I disagree with, such as articles about abortion, for example. This is more because I am not very good at arguing my point and I have friends who have had abortions and would see this...its awkward for my flesh. So basically I am not passinate enough because I am holding back. I wish I was on fire for Christ Instead of the gentle devotion I feel for Him. Is this something that grows with maturiry in Christ? Also thank you to this kind community who answer my questions so thoughtfully and patiently. Sorry for the essay. God bless.
  6. Hmmm. I dabbled in the occult in the past, years ago, but repented. Am hoping it wont come back to haunt me.
  7. I definitely believe it can happen but if it doesn't happen to a particular person, does that mean they aren't a strong enough Christian?
  8. Most of my friends are currently non Christian. I used to swear like a sailor and use vulgar language and now when I hear them speaking like that, its like nails on a chalkboard. You might find that you dont want to hang out with your non Christian friends as much.
  9. TODAY I listened to a testimony on youtube. Basically the lady had previously had a very sinful life involving being in pornograhpy and prostitution. SINCE she gave her life to Christ, she says that demons have been attacking her through her dreams. She said that this is something of a sign of a true walk with God, and implied that a lack of such attacks suggests that a person may not be truly saved. I found this very disheartening. I don't want these attacks. While I went through a period of having nightmares about going to Hell about 15 years ago, and this brought me closer to my original Catholic faith, I only feel like I was properly saved two months ago and nothing like this has happened since (thankfully). In fact I have been sleeping more peacefully than ever. Is this because my walk with Christ has been vey gradual, or am I really not saved? I read my Bible every night, pray constantly, have given up alcohol and am working on the other sins that I have asked God to convict me of, as well as going to a new church. What do you all think? Is an absence of spiritual attacks a sign that you arent saved?
  10. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response.
  11. Thanks everybody. Some really great points to consider! I know my thoughts aren't healthy and I do have a history of being obsessive/compuksive about uncertain future events. It had largely been under control for years but has gone out out control again. I wonder if it is an attack as it coincides with my faith getting stronger and starting a new church (where end times havent been mentioned).I have to hand it over to God and trust that I will be protected.
  12. Thanks for your reply. Its simple cowardice. Ive been afraid of physical pain all my life. I am not afraid to die but i have been frightened of being hurt. Its a very fleshly thing. Im starting out on my true path with Christ (was wishy washy before) and maybe spiritual maturity will help develop my relience even more.
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