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  1. I think the worlds enfolds the other two so the less secular you can be the better
  2. To veer off... Do we go to heaven immediately, or stay dead until Christ returns? I think God said something about the dead are dead and can't hear you.
  3. This sounds like a man-made church law. Like the Jesus broke laws made by the pharoseas because they were not God's laws. It's like someone going through the bible to see what kind of other laws and strictness can be squeezed from it. Yoga is used by athletes also. I can see someone coming on and saying "Is NFL anti-Christian"?
  4. I would say there is more money in heaven than in my bank account
  5. How do you praise? Is thanking God the same as praising Him? Do you have to say it loudly in public? Do you offer praise during silent prayer? Praise and thanks?
  6. My opinion is that Man is foolish to read the Bible looking for "gotcha" moments.
  7. That confuses me, the last part. Are you saying that a woman's right to murder is between her and God?
  8. Kenyon


    You wrote on the sand FOR ME!
  9. What about people who aren't saved saying they went to heaven?
  10. Kenyon


    Thank you very much!
  11. Kenyon


    Wisdom and strength are the two main things I pray for. I want the ability to have people ask me about God without me awkwardly jump starting conversations and driving them away. Actually just the wisdom and courage to do whatever it is God wants me to. AND humility
  12. Kenyon


    I think what people complained about was I said I can tell people who hate Trump just by looking at them. Then I made a list of those who qualify...
  13. There is no shortage of people talking about dying or almost dying, seeing Jesus or entering heaven only to be told they must return, it isn't their time, and they wake up in the hospital etc having legally died and come back. Do you believe this? I think it is a trick of Satan or the mind. I have read that the mind, upon death, releases a chemical hallucinogen into the brain that's 500 times as strong as LSD. Or it is Satan tricking people. I know a lady, non whacko, who was near death drowning. She says she had the greatest experience. She entered heaven and all her loved ones came to greet her, but she got sent back. You can't tell her about accepting Christ into her life because she says she already knows she's going to heaven when she dies. The 'Touched by Heaven' podcast, which turned me back to Christ, is full of episodes with people talking about seeing angels, heaven, etc. Your thoughts?
  14. Kenyon


    hahaha, very true RR. See you around
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