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  1. I meant since Satan rules this world it's like we have a good home but have to pay rent to this slumlord in the meantime
  2. Hi I need extra wisdom and the courage to spread the gospel. I'm even timid about telling friends. Worked up the nerve to call a friend yesterday and tell him, but he had died. I need confidence and the right words for witnessing. Thanks
  3. I fear dancing. He can't help me. Sorry.
  4. PS if you had to get permission all the time there would probably be no Photoshop
  5. I've been using whatever pics I like for various projects for years. At first I went to the trouble of finding who took a certain pic then emailing for permission. Never heard from them and have since never heard from anybody.
  6. I'm God's child, but Satan is my landlord.
  7. I know, I'm being difficult
  8. Nevermind. I can see this ending in everyone shouting at each other...or me at everybody. I need to just ask God these things.
  9. All excellent. Esspecially the dogs!
  10. I'm new where I live and I keep to myself. The other day I walked into the local thrift store and two ladies were talking. One turned to me: "Oh, hi neighbor! How are you enjoying the neighborhood?" "Oh fine, thanks." "Say, were you down by the river last night?" "No." "Oh, okay." (turns back to the other lady) "So anyway, there was this homeless guy down by the river last night..."
  11. Judas wasn't damned if I'm not mistaken. He believed, but betrayed.
  12. But a stone can be retrieved A word can apologized An occasion can be rescheduled or relived A time, refer to 'everything old is new' An action, I'm not sure about
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