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  1. What do you mean "I can be Snow White?"
  2. How can you be 3 halves of something? 😜
  3. You're exactly correct. I want to understand both sides of my parents' Faith's before choosing which one has most meaning and spiritual connection. Not necessarily a competition, but an attempt at self discovery.
  4. Thank you Marilyn. You're very sweet
  5. Thank you Marilyn 😊
  6. Where do I do these 3 posts? What do they have to be about?
  7. Hi I'm very confused on how to become a full member. It says post 2 times somewhere but another place it says 3 times
  8. Hiho everyone! (I love Snow White lol) I just joined this site and am not sure what to expect honestly. Hopefully it'll go well. I'm half Christian, half Jewish. My parents are divorced and I alternate houses monthly. My dad (the Christian) is not very religious but is very spiritual. My mother is a religious Modern-Orthodox Jew. I'm not sure what my faith is. I struggle a lot. And it probably contributes to why I haven't been able to find a boy who will be in a relationship with me... Looking forward to meeting y'all.
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