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  1. Bankrupt


    That's just your serotonin (Happy chemicals) releasing in the brain due to activity. We all get it when we work at something.
  2. All the inconsistencies that make you you in this world won't be there when you arrive in your perfect body, right? So you won't actually be you in any context. Besides that how will the general believer cope when they are suddenly perfect? Everything they do will be no different than anyone else who is perfect. In a absolute perfect place there's no contrast, and therefore no way to determine any difference or uniqueness.
  3. Well Ella, hmm, are you going to hell? How do I say this without offending anyone. No Never Because you can't actually go to a place you believe in. You know what I mean?
  4. Wow! All these thing's I love.
  5. Well, I'm very soft. But I can over analyse thing's. However, I love to play chess. Anyone who'd like to play a game with me can do so on the chess by post free app. If you're interested, I'll give you my user name.
  6. Get to know me first please.
  7. I am positive that you can find that person, if you apply yourself and don't expect it to happen overnight.
  8. I don't remember, possibly.
  9. Hi, I'm not a Christian, now to my intro. Just try and keep me from a good rpg game, or music, or a big cheese cake, or a long chess match, or science fiction movies.
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