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  1. Great song. When God opened my eyes, I saw that if I had truly trusted in Him, and given Him all of my worries, I would have come to know Him much earlier, and I wouldn't have had to suffer so much pain in my life. Now, I know He's always got my back, and He'll never break my trust, no matter what I'm going through.
  2. (This is just a brief - ish book recommendation.) "The Book of Mysteries," by Jonathan Cahn, is probably the best book I've ever read, w/ the obvious exception of the Word of God. God brought it into my life not all that long before the hour of my visitation/my test, because it helped get me to a point where I'd make the right choice when the moment came that everything'd be at stake. I cannot recommend the book highly enough, and I recommend it to every believer I know, and many non - believers. The book really delves into some of the amazing profundities of Scripture, that many overlook. While I'm giving recommendations, some other great books are: "Ancient Prophecies Revealed," by Ken Johnson, Th.D (although there are a couple of little things he says that I don't agree w/), and, "The Mystery of the Menorah: and the Hebrew Alphabet," by J. R. Church, and Gary Stearman. There are many other great books (e.g., by Joyce Meyer, Lester Sumrall, Charles [Chuck] R. Swindoll, and Dr. Keith Ellis, etc., etc., but I don't have the time or space to include everything).
  3. One of the best books I've seen on the issue (although it appears deceptively small or simple) is, "The Total Man: Exploring the Human Spirit, Soul and Body," by Lester Sumrall. Rather than just parroting everything the book says, I'll just highly recommend the book. The Holy Spirit brought the book into my life after I'd been newly born again, because it was stuff I needed to understand in my walk w/ Him.
  4. I'm praying, for every aspect of that situation. God can do anything, so if it's His will, He can heal your mom. But whatever does or doesn't happen, please don't let the demons make you think you're in any way culpable for your parents situation. I just wanted to include that because I got a sense that they (the demons [they love to try to tear us apart w/ guilt, even if we have no reason to feel guilty, like you in your current situation]) were trying to set you up for that, or maybe already putting stuff like that in your thoughts. You're not 'leaving' your parents, and I'm sure they understand that as well. You're just experiencing another facet of life. You're in no way responsible for your parents' health. They wouldn't want you to feel held back on their account, or to beat yourself up for something that's out of your control. Any time you're unsure of what to do, pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. If you proceed w/ your plan to get your own house, I'll pray for that to go as smoothly as possible, too. I'm sure you'll be fine, but it's a big transition.
  5. Praying - the prayer you provided and my own. When a child around that age starts doing stuff like that, a lot of people overlook it; they think it's just normal childhood rebellion/experimentation. But I know she's being attacked by demons, so I'll definitely pray for her, so she doesn't have to go through a lot of the things kids have to go through nowadays.
  6. Praying for you. I'm in a very similar situation (except I don't have kids - I can't imagine how much harder that would make it), so I know how hard it is. Trust God; He will provide.
  7. The demons were revealed to me first (in dramatic fashion [I was actually possessed for a while, etc.]), and I was given a test. I chose God and He revealed His Holy Spirit to me, and came through for me in many ways. One of the things He did was teach me how to notice when I'm being attacked by demons, so I'd know when to rebuke them, etc., and so I'd never end up their slave again. They kept attacking, in a multitude of ways, in rapid succession, and I became quite overwhelmed (I'd been forced to give up all other physical obligations just to fight them, and I was exhausted, and in despair). I finally broke down and started crying uncontrollably. I called out to the Lord, I said, "God, I don't know what to do!" Instantly, every demonic presence around me was expelled, and I was held/enveloped by God's amazing love. That's how I usually describe it, but I'll never be able to put it in words. I felt absolute, perfect bliss, happiness, ecstasy and peace beyond imagining (and in every level of my being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), and it was totally pure (no drug could ever compare). At this point I was still sobbing, but they were no longer tears of sorrow, but tears of perfect bliss. This is also when God implanted the knowledge into my soul that my brother was saved (he'd committed suicide a few years or so previously) as I've mentioned elsewhere), and He told me some things about my future. As I was sobbing, I kept saying, "Thank You, thank You...," over and over again. God wanted me to see that I can't do it alone (although, it was partially a test, too, to see how hard/long I'd persist in resisting the enemy, or if I'd give in to him) - that I have to always rely on Him, and that He'll always be faithful to deliver me. Before I came to know God (even during those periods of my life when I was trying to live for God [although nowhere near as well as I could've/should've been], and I believed His Word), I didn't understand how those Heavenly creatures that are permanently/eternally in God's presence (before His Throne, worshipping Him), could have a fulfilling existence; it seemed to my unenlightened mind like it would be a dull way to spend eternity. I was ashamed of these thoughts - I knew they were blasphemous - but try as I might to eradicate them, they were always hovering in the background. Due to the aforementioned experience, I now know that to be eternally in God's presence would be the absolute BEST way to spend eternity; there would be NOTHING lacking. I had just a tiny glimpse of what it would be like - I wasn't even truly in His actual presence, I was still in my cell - but my every need was fulfilled, and I no longer had any of my past worries, concerns or pain. I was as I was meant to be. God showed me how much He loves me. And I know He loves everyone just as much as me. God loves you w/ a pure and perfect love beyond what you could ever comprehend; you are PRECIOUS to Him - one of a kind, and it breaks His heart when you feel pain. But, God truly is the only One worthy of honor, glory and praise. God showed me (I've talked about this elsewhere, too) that ANYTHING good about a person (whether it be a personality trait, a talent or an achievement, etc.) is a gift from Him (and we can use these gifts for good - for Him - or we can waste them). God is the only Uncreated Being (and He's absolute perfection and love), and absolutely nothing good can exist that is separate from God. So, it's imperative that we acknowledge that God is the only One worthy of glory, and that we render this glory to God (He more than deserves it - both for His greatness alone, and for everything He's done for us [e.g., creating us, performing countless miracles and fulfilling a ton of prophecies, giving us His Word, saving us, giving us His Holy Spirit and eternal life/happiness, etc., etc.]). God is not some megalomaniac. He just wants us to rely on the only perfectly reliable foundation there is - Him. It's just the way it is; if we rely on anything else, we will falter. He keeps reminding us to give Him - and not ourselves/mankind - the glory because He knows that if we begin to lack appreciation for His glory, then we'll start trusting in our own ability (which is useless); we won't be resting firmly on the only Rock that can give us a secure foundation, and He doesn't want us to be lost or experience all of the pain that would lead to. I wanted to include this because of something else I saw you say in the thread. The reason bad things happen is because God loves us too much to ever take away our free will and turn us into robots. This life is a test. It wouldn't be much of a test if we never experienced pain, discomfort or doubt - if it were always fun and games. We'd never truly understand happiness and love if we'd never experienced sadness and hate. But, God doesn't just watch these tragedies happen. He feels all of the pain that we all experience (even the Scriptures say that when we neglect to feed the poor, etc., it's the same as if we've done it to Yeshua/jesus). God's Holy Spirit is everywhere. He's always calling to people, knocking, and hoping He'll be let in. And, He's always protecting us. All of those tragedies would be indescribably more tragic if it weren't for God protecting us (that old, anonymous 'Footprints in the Sand' poem/writing is 100% true; God showed me that He was always w/ me in my life - even during those times when I was cursing Him). God sees all of time, including the entire future, at the same time. His plans are way more complex than we know, and there's a reason for everything, even if we can't make sense of things as they're happening. All things work out for the good for those who love God. God can, and often does, use horrible events to save people's souls. I was hopeless in worldly terms, when the hour of my visitation came, but I chose God, so He delivered me from my enemies, got me out of prison early (when I would've been a lifer otherwise, due to things I was forced to do), and now He's using me to spread His healing and joy all over the place. When God revealed His Holy Spirit to me, I learned - once and for all - that there is NO cruelty in God, and stories in the Bible that used to be a little odd to me, finally made sense. But it's hard to explain it to someone else; one really has to experience it for oneself, so I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to impart this surety to you.
  8. I could use prayer for my health problems, in general, and especially for my circulatory issues (CVI, w/ thrombophlebitis).
  9. I wish I could answer that in a way that was perfectly comprehensible to the modern, scientific mind. When God reveals His Holy Spirit to someone, there's no mistaking it, and their life is never the same again. But until that happens, a person is blind (and I don't say that in a spirit of condescension towards others; I was blind until God opened my eyes, and it wasn't my efforts that brought that change to bear, but God's incredible mercy), and spiritual truths are foolishness to them. There were times in my life when I did all of the things a person is supposed to do to be born again (and I was genuine), and at the time I considered myself born again, but I didn't know God. There's a huge difference between a person being converted to Christianity (although they're certainly on the path to salvation), and a person being spiritually regenerated and actually having a relationship w/ God. (The Scriptures make it clear that for one to enter the Kingdom, they must know God, and not just nominally be a Christian.) We comprise a body, soul and spirit. Before a person truly comes to know God, they're dead, spiritually, and our spirit's the most important part of our psycho - physical complex. It's like they're 2 thirds of a full human being. When someone comes to know God, they're given new life, and their connection to God is restored (but they still have to pray for God to increase their spiritual discernment, as the enemy will always try to assault our faith and deceive/tempt us, and if we allow the enemy to disrupt that connection, he can [even after one comes to know God]). I was on the right path to be born again (during those times when I thought I was born of the Spirit, but wasn't), but I wasn't there yet. Like the parable of "the sower and the seed" talks about, I allowed the enemy to knock me off of the path before I could actually come to know God. But the seed was still there, waiting to blossom and flourish. God just had to purge all of the filth around it that was choking it, and He won't ever take away our right to chose, so that's usually a pretty lengthy process for most people (and I was no exception). But God recognized my attempts to come to Him, and He was always working to mould me in ways that'd bring me closer to Him. Usually, that meant I had to be purged, and my branches pruned, so that I'd bring forth more fruit. Unfortunately, we are quite stubborn, and oftentimes pain is the main thing that brings about the changes necessary for us to truly submit to God. And God is primarily concerned w/ saving our souls; the body is a lesser priority (although He does want us to be happy even in this life). If God had revealed Himself to me at any earlier point of my life, I wouldn't have been ready to fully submit, and live for Him; I'd have been lost forever (for, once one comes to a knowledge of Christ, if they become entangled again in the world, it would be better for that person to have never been born). I'd have gone back to my vomit, and I probably would've drowned in it (the enemy's attacks are much stronger when one's come to know God, because it's pointless for them [the demons] to continue to try to hide). God knew what I needed to learn, and His timing is perfect - He knows better than us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Some rough ways to know who knows God: if something's from/of God, it won't violate God's Word, or love (I call those 'the 2 guideposts'). If someone says they know God and they hate their brother/sister, they don't know God. And although some of the Scriptures can be a little difficult (especially if someone doesn't know God), there are certain core tenets of true Christianity; if those are violated, the person violating them doesn't know God: Yeshua/Jesus is the Son of God, and part of the Godhead; He came down, in the form of a man, and suffered and died for the sins of all human - kind (even though He was and is completely w/out sin); He then was resurrected from the dead, having conquered death and hell, and all who fully believe in Him (and all of us require this sacrifice of Christ, as we are all sinners and fall short of the mark), and what He did for us - and repent, and accept Him as their Lord and Savior - are washed clean of their sins, and will inherit eternal life; and, lastly, there is no other path to salvation. If a person knows God, they will produce good fruit, and their conversation will be holy. That's not to say that they'll never screw up, but they'll do so less and less, and they won't be in total bondage, like someone who doesn't know God. There'll be an obvious change in their lives; they will produce good fruit, and they'll have a strong desire to lead others to Christ. It's God giving them the ability to produce good fruit, though, not their own ability. The writings of Paul and James don't contradict each other. By grace and faith we are saved (lest any should boast), but if one knows God, their faith WILL produce good works. Many perceive a non - existent conflict between the writings of these 2 authors - a conflict shown by the phrase, "faith 'or' works." But there's no conflict. A good way to approach the relationship between the writings of these authors is shown by the phrase, "faith 'that' works," as faith without works isn't really faith at all (even though it's not our works that save us). I don't think it's a bad thing that you apply logic to the Word - I wish all scientists would study the Word (and I believe true science doesn't contradict God's Word, but confirms It). Our reason is a gift from God. But some things can only be spiritually discerned, so I encourage you to try to nourish your faith, and to really ask God to answer your questions in a way that makes sense to you. And, the closer we're living in accordance w/ God's will, and the more we believe He'll answer us, the better and sooner we'll hear His reply.
  10. That's because many people don't know God. If a person doesn't know God and they ask Him for clarification or knowledge about something (and they truly are seeking to get to know God), then they will get their answer eventually - usually, when they come to know God. If a person already has a relationship w/ God, then asking Him is like asking one's Best Friend (Who happens to know everything); it's the only perfect way to get answers that are 100% accurate. This, at least, is in my experience - I respect your right to have your own opinion.
  11. Thank you, but I can't really take credit. God's blessed me w/ a lot of good foundational knowledge, experience, enlightening Christian literature, fellow Christians who've taught me a lot, and even then, it's the Holy Spirit who gives me words to say in the moment.
  12. Even w/ the trials and tribulation, my life is indescribably better than it ever was before I knew God. Plus, when I suffer, it's my own fault - "Let it never be said that man is tempted of God." And, when God delivers me from a trial, He always explains why He allowed me to go through it (what He wanted me to learn), and, I emerge from that trial much closer to God than I was before, which more than compensates for the pain of the trial. The Creator of all that is wants to be my Friend and adopted Father, and He's already sacrificed His Perfect Only begotten Son for my hideous sins - how could I ever refuse Him? He freed me from a lifetime of slavery, and gave me a peace I never would have thought possible. I used to hate this life, and I saw no meaning in it, but God has filled my life w/ the highest meaning and purpose. He put up w/ all of my pride, and all of the pain I put Him and His other creations through, and then He erased all of that filth, and instead of chucking me into the cosmic garbage for what I'd let myself become (and He would have had the right), He gave me new life, and poured blessings on me. Plus, everything I do I do not only for me, but for everyone around me. If I were to forsake Christ (God forbid) just for material gain (dirt, if you really think about it), I'd be helping the enemy (who's been torturing me and trying to kill me my whole life, and who's been torturing and killing my family members and friends, etc.) to lead countless souls to the pit. Even w/ whatever material "pleasures" I received, I'd be miserable, because I wouldn't have God, and I'd have hell to look forward to after that. God revealed enough to me that I know the truth of His Word. I refuse to love a lie so I can be wicked and lead others to slavery, including those closest to me. God'll get me through anything I face. What's a little more pain if it aids God's perfect redemptive plan, and leads more people to God. And, there's comfort w/ that pain, as God will never leave me, and even periods w/ absolutely no pain, which is impossible in a life w/out God. Before I knew God, I said a lot of prideful things. I spoke a lot of foolishness even against God. God's explained my whole life to me - why I went through the things I went through. He's given me enough knowledge that I'd have no excuse except cowardice if I forsook Him. How could I ever look myself in the mirror? Before I knew God I'd say to Him, "If only you'd do 'such and such' for me, I'd be fine." Well, God's given me everything I need, so it's time to put my money where my mouth is. I simply refuse to be such a worthless, disgusting, degenerate coward that I would refuse my Lord and Savior - after He's shown me that He's perfectly loving, merciful and just (and that He's always been w/ me) - just because the enemy (who's already stolen the first half of my life, and murdered my brother, etc.) has offered me dirt, slavery, misery and eternal damnation. I'll take any trials this world can offer (w/ a relationship w/ God), over every material thing the devil offers (and my relationship w/ God, integrity, worth, courage, peace, happiness, meaning, and salvation all forfeited).
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