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  1. Hi @turtletwo of course I surely remember your encouraging testimony. May your mother's soul live forever in the golden gates of Heaven. You got yourself a divine appointment to meet again right? I will surely update you all @Jubilea Thanks for always supporting us in prayer and have a blessed week all. @Amanda Frances @shanee
  2. Praying for Protection Shalom Sisters and brothers! One of our sisters has been victim of witchcraft, and was almost killed. She just got released from the Hospital where God and his angels visited her. She met God for the first time and this event led her to an encounter with God. Many friends and family members have participated in demonic rituals to destroy her life and her sisters life. They both have been hospitalized and discharged. They are now recovering in a safe place. Please pray for spiritual deliverance, spiritual protection, enhanced and continued relationship with God, discernment, obedience,faith and wisdom For the 2 sisters. Thank you, be blessed
  3. Praying for Full Recovery Shalom Sisters and brothers! I'm thankful for all your prayers when our dear brother was in a lengthy coma and God answered he is now in recovery at home. He is still paralyzed at some level and is in a wheelchair. Please pray for full recovery for our dear brother Krish. God bless you all. Best.
  4. @jedidiah @shanee@Debp @littlestarsmum @Rebecca Pickles Dear prayer warriors I am announcing you that our unity has worked and proved God's power once more as the man has awakened from the long and difficult Coma and is now home in recovery let's praise God and pray for full recovery. I'm thanking all from the bottom of my heart as well as this man's family for having taken precious time of your life to pray for him.
  5. Good news he came out of Coma PRAISE GOD thank you for praying please pray for full recovery God is good!
  6. @turtletwo @Amanda Frances Good news he came out of Coma PRAISE GOD thank you for praying please pray for full recovery God is good!
  7. @johnthebaptist Hi as a Christian sister to this matter, I rely on Paul, Peter and Jesus stories of arrest, torture and unfairness to explain that human nature disregard guilt or innocence and simply choose to be judgmental, Its not my place to state if she committed a crime or not my role is fellowship and spiritual support only God can answer your question however in God there is no condemnation. I hope you will pray for her too.
  8. @BeauJangles@OneLight Dear brothers God says and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. As Christians we must expose these situations as unbelievable and shocking as they may appear to be. I hope you will support us in Prayer. Read this article from Former Prosecutor whom is now a judge explaining himself all the horrible things he has done himself. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.economist.com/united-states/2014/10/04/the-kings-of-the-courtroom
  9. Hi , Its sad to say that what goes on behind those walls is traumatic. But God is never blind thank you for praying.
  10. Hi I cannot disclose details on her case however , I started my prison ministry after myself being in US Federal prison I was wrongfully accused and was illegally detained for over a year and God miraculously made me win my case and assigned me this ministry, torture includes psychological abuse, emotional abusive, coercion, verbal violence,intrusive strip search, physical abuse , cold showers, male officers in trainning padding woman inmates inappropriately, sleeping in cold areas, isolation, treaths, isolation, abuse of power,a woman was raped and got pregnant and the officer was fired the horror stories will shock you but I'm speaking from personal experience, meanwhile court appointed attorneys try to force their clients to plea without defending them and make free money I started the ministry knowing the insiders fighting for Justice God is my witness all prayers are welcomed
  11. Shalom ,Shalom, our Christian sister in US Federal Prison whom has endured many torture and injustice in USA for nearly 5 years , a foreign land where her attorneys and the legal system has failed her , is now on a hunger strike. For over 2 weeks she started a hunger strike where she only drinks water and milk and has been isolated and they are attempting to torture her and coerce her into eating. The goal of the strike is to get justice, I informed her attorney and he remains silent! WE NEED GOD'S DIVINE INTERVENTION JOIN FORCES WITH ME AGAINST THE FORCES OF DARKNESS! our Christian sister is being afflicted let us support her. Thank you.
  12. @turtletwo Thank you for not giving up we are still awaiting for good news but surely will keep you updated
  13. @turtletwo Thank you very much for your support and for sharing the touching testimony of your mother God bless you.
  14. Shalom Shalom! I want to know if anybody is in the mood to praise God with me if so, please reply so we can unite our spirit here online! The bible says to praise in all circumstances as God appointed both the awesome season and the trial seasons. Paul speaks about times of plenty and time of lack that he learned to appreciate both! He praised when in prison causing a major earthquake to free the entire prison! Let me share my personal experience first, I grew up in a very negative environment, I called it a broken home,my parents had a nasty divorce and prior a very bad relationship to which as witness, set the tone of my life goals. I seeked better than what I had been part of. I spent more time getting advice from my friends parents whom inspired me with stable marriages, good parent/children relationship and far from all the emotional and physical abuse my life was filled with. Finally, after college I just left my hometown without saying goodbye after having my family attempting intrusive invasion of my privacy and also attempting to destroy my personal dream and career path. As this new life blossomed, I became a top business executive and thank God each day for it . I lived 2 min walk from a church and made good friends. Sadly, jealousy and envy took over close co-workers whom plotted my downfall and I ended up accused of a crime I had not comitted and had to fight for my life. I was arrested, slandered, tortured,humiliated and put in maximum security prison in a foreign country. My attorneys had already planned to crucify me instead of fulfilling their duty to defend but I chose to rely on God. A lot of corruption surrounded my situation. I got baptized, found my calling and started preaching in prison, to guards, to judges,to police officer,to inmates. For long, I was driven by helping prisoners but my surroundings kept telling me that I was going to help underserving criminals but I did not cared I always had this yearning for many years prior my arrest. On the arrest I was at peace, I even joked with the agents arresting and thwy took off my handcuff as they saw I was not dangerous. It was right after lent ,throughout lent I kept praying for a new life , I wanted God to lead me into the ministry I was made for and here I was. Suffering with the ones I was called to help was an eye opening experience. I was like Paul, I praised , I sang, I was always joyfully talking about miraculous dismissal and the power of Faith,many thought I was crazy, to the point where my attorney said I was religiously delusional and needed psychiatric help and attempted to get me in a mad house but God was stronger. I fired my attorneys, studied law and fought my own case and won miraculous empowered by God. At the end,many people believed in what I preached,they realized my joy overrode the circumstances, that ther habit of living hopeless and defeated(including Christian inmates) was not the path to victory. After my miraculous release ,I pursued my prisons ministry its been 5 years now. I'm praising God because in my darkest time,when the world showed its ugly face, in the midst of so much pain and suffering he gave me hope,joy and strength to pray and endure until victory arrived! I'm praising God because he answered my prayer in a very non human thinking way, but Today I can relate to everyone I help. I'm praising God because yesterday my sister got honors in school. Perhaps you have read some of prayer request most are always linked to prisoners, now you will know why and how I got into prison ministry. If you are in the mood come and praise with me, If I could praise in maximum security prison facing 20 years of prison while being innocent, being betrayed by my lawyers,tortured and what not, if Paul could ,you also can regardless of anything! PRAISE YOU LORD YOU ARE MY HERO!
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