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  1. Can I be forgiven if I said I swear to god then broke the swear
  2. Ok so if you say "I swear to God"and you break the sweat can you be forgiven I just need yes or no
  3. Yes I got to church on sunday I pray and I'm saved and I'm babtized
  4. OK so I'm not homosexual nor will I ever be but I had a dream that I was and I came out to my family and I was walking down stairs and I heard someone ask me "where are you going" I said "I'm going to hell" and I'm scared this is a sign and idk what to think I need help
  5. Could you pray that I wont experience these feelings no more cause their making me miserable
  6. Shes 12 im 13 she said we had to wait till we was 16 to date but if we found anyone else we could get with them
  7. Ok so theres this girl i like or love In my situation its a long distance relationship and she said if we was still single that we would get together she we were 16 and I'm scared she will find someone else and I prayed that God would help me and its not working can I get some advise to not think about her as much ive gotten attached to her
  8. Ok so I know I'm not supposed to post something like this on here but I scared I might be in a coma and non of this is real I saw a text online that said I was in a coma and it scared me and the thought wont leave my mind.
  9. Well im trying ro change this week into a better person so im just gonna stop listening to the song
  10. Im just gonna stop listening to him can you also pray for me cause i have alot of doubts about stuff
  11. Im not really worried that it will im just wondering if anyone has the power to send you to hell or curse you
  12. Yeah im saved and i go to church and im babtized and stuff and i also have bible study
  13. I really like the song but i go to church every sunday and im saved amd baptized and i read a bible chapter every night and i have bible study in my school
  14. Well like its not his song hes featured in it i pretty sure juice wrld believe in God/allah but lifes been pretty good its just im wondering if ita ok to listen to the song
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