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  1. Its been for 2 years and i didnt even do anything he just blocked me
  2. Am i still dating her if i dont talk to her or cant communicate with her
  3. I didnt break up with her i dont know her no more either and im scared im cheating on her
  4. Ok so i was dating a girl long distance and her brother blocked me and we didnt break up but i dont know her no more or anything and im afraid im cheating on her but i say i break up with her and isnt that a sin
  5. Yeah i go to a church and there really nice i recently got baptized and jpined the church
  6. Im really sorry im just a very nervous person
  7. I asked for forgiveness am i going to hell for it?
  8. What do you mean you put a curse on his curse
  9. But he said he put a curae on it and hia fans were going to hell
  10. I prayed and asked for forgiveness but he saif he put a curse on the song and said his fans were was going to hell
  11. But he said he cursed it and said his fans were going to hell
  12. But like he said he put a curse or something on the song
  13. Hi so there is this rapper named lil uzi vert and he has a song called xo tour life and he says all his fans are going to hell for listening to this song and people and him said he put a curse or something on it am i going to hell from this i heard this song like 100 times i need a answer.
  14. Ok so i was scrolling through the youtube comments and i saw a comment and it said "we're all going to hell" will that send me to hell?
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