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  1. Fear is of the devil. The only thing God said we should fear is Him. Being afraid of the tribulations or be anxious of the coming of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ should not be. If you decide to start taking everyday as if it is your last day on Earth, fear will have no place in your life because you know if Jesus Christ comes today, you will go with him.
  2. "Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Our God is good all time. I remember when I moved in with my friend to a house he rented. I discovered that the house was an occultic house. Witchcraft activities was rampant in that house because I was always fighting with them in my dream. In the cause of fighting, I will see the landlord protecting them from me. One day in a dream I saw the landlord wife sitting on my head. I woke from that dream with an ear pain which started from one ear and moved to the other one. I prayed a prayer that day TELLING THE EAR THAT WHEN I CAME INTO THIS HOUSE I DID NOT COME WITH EAR PAIN SO THE PAIN MUST GO BACK TO WHERE IT CAME FROM. And God been God, the ear pain stopped. Since my friend was not a Christian, he did not know what was happening. But I was having spiritual attack from all angle. One night, I decided to praise the Lord without asking for anything. That night was glorious because after dancing and praising the Lord, the Lord visited me in a dream and asked me what do I want, I TOLD THE LORD THAT HE SHOULD HELP ME TO FULFILL MY DESTINY. But the landlord was not happy, he called my friend and told him to send me away because my friend did not tell him that he was coming with a pastor to rent the house. Since my friend did not send me away, the landlord gave him a quick notice to pack out of the house. But meanwhile the landlord have already inflicted me with partial paralysis on my waist. I have to struggle to stand up from the bed or chair. Initially I thought it was the food that I was eating that caused it. Though my friend and his family did not know anything about the attack, I prayed over the sickness and the partial paralysis disappeared without a trace. Though we were kicked out of the house. I give God all the glory because he has always been good to me and my family.
  3. Hello brother and sister in Christ, it is good to be around my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Decon Emmanuel from Nigeria and I am the assistant pastor of one of the parish of THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD here in Nigeria. As the saying goes Iron sharpenth iron. I hope i can be able to sharpen someone and vice versa. Have a blessed day.
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