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  1. Thank you everyone for your answers. And yes, I do read each and everyone of the answers that I get I just forget to reply sometimes. I’ll make sure to do that in future posts. Ryan
  2. Thank you everyone for your Anwsers
  3. Is it a sin to watch “non-Christian” movies with swear words, and hang out with non-Christian friends who swear? (Even if it doesn’t make me swear or sin)
  4. What’s one thing, that no matter what sin you commit, will send you to heaven?
  5. If someone’s gay, can they pray it away, or ask the lord to help them? If not, what can they do?
  6. I’ve recently betrayed god and have sinned. I want to show him that he can trust me again. And, I want to show him that I’m serious about beginning my journey as a Christian. I also want him to forgive me of my sins. So is fasting a good way to do that. If it is how long should I fast?
  7. I have a secret that I don’t want to tell anyone about. And when they ask me about it I try to avoid the question or I just say “no” and lie. Is this a sin? Can I go to hell for it?
  8. Is smoking and drinking a sin. Can you go to hell for it?
  9. Is believing in Dinosaurs and life on other planets a sin?
  10. My family believes in god and Jesus But, they sometimes sin and aren’t as religious as me. Will they still go too heaven?
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