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  1. We ourselves are not the divine nature...we are created beings and as such we will fear the Lord always...that's the actual encounter with God and what that produces. God is fearsome. Paul says...don't be high-minded...but fear. This is wise counsel from someone who actually encountered the Lord. So this is not about a divine or fallen nature. It is about the living God and His creation. A much higher level of encounter. Those who have been before the Lord know that fear.
  2. Wow...a lot of inverted theology here. It is wise to fear the Lord. But you would have up to be down and down to be up. The fear of the Lord is not from the devil...it is what God wants from us...so that we keep His commandments. It sounds like you need to go back to the bible and start again. You took a wrong turn somewhere and now you are headed in the wrong direction. Please don't teach others to abandon wisdom as you have obviously done.
  3. Had the "speechless" man, who presumed too much and sat at the head table, been humble and taken the lower station among the guests at the wedding feast (and listened to Jesus' words to take the lower place when you enter a room) he would not have been rejected but would have lived among the nations of "they which are saved." He could have enjoyed the wedding even if he was not in the wedding party. Pride always goes before a fall. So then on judgment day...if we are offered a doorway to either the bride or the guests...we would be wise to go in with the guests. God is all knowing and if we are slated to be in the Bride He will surely come and get us. Personal ambition has no place in the kingdom of God. There is no being left out of things because we missed our opportunity on that day. The time to rectify any missed opportunity is to seek the Lord now. Seek Him now while we still can.
  4. There were no denominations at that time...just locations of the church of God. But there is always a prophetic dimension to the words of the Lord. The 7 churches are there as examples of what to do, and what to avoid. They are exhortations to the various churches at different stages of church history. So then if you would see the 7 churches as church periods then Thyatira represents the RC church. The 4 last churches are still here when Jesus returns as it says at the end...hold fast till I come...a statement which begins with Thyatira...a statement which is lacking in the first 3 churches. Sardis represents the reformation churches...Protestant. Then there are the last 2 churches that either put an emphasis on fellowship and love...Philadelphia....or self-serving doctrines (indoctrination and "followship")...Laodicea.
  5. It's because the truth is hard to believe. Christians are really in no danger of going to the lake of fire. We have been given life. But the quality of that life depends on our attitude. So then there is a real possibility that we as believers can be cast out of God's presence and into outer darkness to wander there forever. Jude speaks of this in his letter. And there are many references to this in both testaments. We have been warned. Every person will give a personal account of themselves before Jesus Christ. In a great house are both vessels for honour and those for dishonour and shame. And this from the same lump.
  6. Paul didn't preach in word only...but in power. The evidence of God in our midst is His presence and power. Where that power is manifested so likewise is His holiness. The story of Ananias and Sapphira should inform us of the stricter judgment of believers when the presence and power of God are made to be experienced. We need to return to this level of the Christian faith. Enough of dogmatic beliefs and platitudes that have only brought us an anemic church. We need the Lord to visit us and be with us as HE wants to be..in holiness and power. That is how the church can be revived...and how we can become the light in the world that we are meant to be. Without Him...we can do nothing...as we can plainly see by the evidence of this present lack of holiness, power, and presence that once turned the world upside down. Right now the church is mocked as an religion without any power of impact in the world. The world has moved on and up in their pursuit of temporal life. But the church has NOT remained on the right track of eternal life and power...but rather followed the world into a powerless belief system that doesn't interfere with our worldly pursuits. But things need to change...to get back to the narrow way of eternal kingdom life that will cause the church to be both feared and hated once again among those who see the life from above as death. But how can we be persecuted for a life we are not living...???? Are we not just leading the same kind of life as the world...while the only difference is our belief system? Where is the power that raised Jesus from the dead so that we walk in that? Where is there this kind of faith in the earth today?
  7. I thank the Lord all through the day for everything that is happening. Whether good or not...He always deserves thanksgiving from us. After all, we have a heart that is beating, giving us life here on earth...and this as a gift from God. Every moment is a gift...and every moment is a new chance to praise Him. As life goes on and I get older I find it increasingly easy to praise Him at all times and for seemingly no apparent reason...apart from just worshiping Him for who He is. So then we can worship as we breathe.
  8. The race ain't over till it's over. Sometimes we seem to just be wasting time....but then we get so tired of losing out in the Lord that even that failure gives us the drive to get back with God. So then even slack times can teach us something about our true need of God. So in reality nothing is wasted. It's like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race. But then we might have times where we take a nap under the tree in our Christian walks. When we wake up and come to our senses our desire will be to redeem the time...which gives us the impetus to drive forward. Had we not slept would we have run the race with such vigour? So I think things balance themselves out somewhat if we are called in the Lord and His laws are written on our hearts. i think at times we are the hare in the story and at times the tortoise. But we are learning to sleep less...waste less time...in short we grow even though the progress is very uneven to begin with. That growth WILL even out so that it becomes a steady climb...over time. We must persevere and be patient since God is faithful and HE WILL get us there given our patient attitude and willingness to please the Lord. So hang in there and run to win!
  9. What could be more convincing then the observation of the fruit of the present church system? What could a survey do that is not already being manifested for all to see? Jesus said..you shall know them by their fruit. Of course it takes some discernment to determine what the church is supposed to look like. A simple comparison to the book of Acts would suffice. Just look at the rise of opinions in the churches....these have multiplied many times and continue to do so. The word Laodicea means "the people's opinions"... How can we NOT be that church?
  10. Realize that a tree goes as deep with it's roots as it grows high with it's trunk and branches. Otherwise the winds will come and topple it...seeing it is so top-heavy. Pride goes before a fall. I used to ask the new brothers to draw a tree on a whiteboard for me. They would invariably only draw the visible part of the tree...leaving out the entire root system...not recognizing that they were only drawing half a tree. So that is our human tendency...to not see what goes into a successful servanthood to God in bearing fruit. We need to grow downward in humility in order to sustain the fruit of the growing branches. The more we grow in the knowledge of God the more that needs to be offset with a greater humility. We need to be downwardly mobile.
  11. The world is in darkness and ignorance and thinks we are the ones that are upside down. One day soon the prophetic reality will become the only reality.
  12. Mat. 12:37 "For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned."
  13. It's been said that the Christian walk is "easy to do the hard way and hard to do the easy way" If we come at the kingdom without a full consecration and effort...then we will find that we are constantly in a battle to listen for God and do as the Spirit directs us. We will miss many opportunities. Wisdom dictates that we rely on the fear of the Lord to keep us on the strait and narrow path at this level of consecration. This is the easy to do it the hard way method. But if we come fully to God with a whole heart and a willing mind...we may just be allowed into the easy walk of the Spirit where the burden of Jesus becomes light. With grace there are no guarantees of course. Each of us must be inspected by God...there is no law that makes God conform to an acceptance of us for mechanical observance. God looks on the heart. This is the hard to do it easy way. Most people will do the former since it is indeed very difficult even seemingly impossible for many to God to God with a full surrender to His will. Few can give themselves to that amount...ALL. But only THAT amount will afford us the full grace of the keeping power of God. So whether we find the walk easy or hard we are to keep to the narrow path and be productive with the grace we have been given.
  14. What the evil servant lacked was wisdom...and the fear of the Lord. He was fooled into inactivity and a false security through a misuse and abuse of grace. Imagine a good works factory...or ...we'll call it a furniture factory. (Furnishing good works) Now under the law there were task masters who pushed the workers and made them do certain quotas...and hounded them without rest. There was a required amount of work...and workers would shuffle half-willingly (or not) to their labours. AND you had to LOOK busy. There was a lot of show involved. And very little joy in the work. But under grace the task masters are removed and a perfect freedom reigns whereby the workers are free to produce at whatever pace they think is right. They are encouraged to put their heart and soul into the company and promised a share of the rewards if all goes well. But some of the workers take advantage of there being no supervision and no quota of work to do and begin to live it up, playing cards and video games all day...not producing any furniture. Worse still some of the workers start to disrupt things and play pranks and bully others due to the lack of discipline and supervision. So when the owner of the factory comes at an unsuspecting time and finds that his workers have turned his factory into an arcade...he will fire those workers and throw them out on their ear. Grace is meant to get us to put our whole heart and mind into the work. We are not just to make furniture...but beautiful furniture. It is a chance to give our all to God. A better quality of product. We as people do better work when we are inspired from within to do well. Just look at the Communist system with all it's guarantees regardless of quotas. Where was the quality? Grace takes away the quotas and also the guarantees. Grace leaves things open. We are given freedom...and we will be judged by our work. The work we did in the freedom that was given to us. God is expecting that we will give our all...like Mary who "wasted" all that costly perfume on Jesus' head. Did she do a required amount by the law? NO. She gave ALL. Grace is meant to inspire our ALL. God is not looking for a certain quota from us...He wants our ALL. The NT is about ALL. The OT was about a tithe under the law. But the NT is always ALL. So then grace is not based on a rigid law but on quantum law...not a certain amount or percentage...but ALL. Those who hold back from the Lord are in danger of rejection...from God's all. So then what is the wisest and safest belief to hold? Well we are to believe that the Lord could come back at any moment and be always ready and producing good furniture. Watch and pray as Jesus said. And the wisest choice is NOT OSAS since we are to fear the Lord and realize that God didn't spare the original factory workers but fired them...and He will also do that to ourselves unless we take His grace for what it is meant for...a better production and not a false sense of security no matter what we do.
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