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  1. Daily I am counter attacked by people of their "faiths" (even the faith of no God) being the right one. I am not teacher to throw out quotes or scripture or such to answer questions. I am a poor witness in this form. Leading by example not work since, for example, people I work with are "legally married" to same gender people and they not going to divorce someone because "God loves all and this company loves its 'PRIDE'." I think I had a point, or I just rambled.
  2. There are enough people trying to force their nastiness to "accept" social normality with gay and trans and crap, why not I do the same? I say NO because enough people are getting drunk enough, so maybe when they overbuy on Saturday, might make them one day sick enough the next day to quit.
  3. I have been able to open a new bank account Friday, but I have been locked out of my current bank. The lady said I would have no problems using my funds as normal for another 10 days, but I been locked out of all my money and money that belongs to someone else. I could not give my ex money for kids. I can not buy gas or food. We have an artistic child who needs stuff and I have no access to my funds. I tried calling the support number, they could not help. I called the only open branch on Saturday, and he hung up on me when I told him his bank is responsible for any consequences of my artistic child not able to get what he needs (via buying it).
  4. I have been helping someone transfer funds for a building project, but my bank of five years does not like me doing that. They gave me ten days to find a new bank, to which takes time to find what works for me that will not steal from me (cough cough Wells Fargo cough and cough Suntrust). The time to get all auto withdrawals (insurance, school loans, etc) to switch banks before my deadline. The time it takes to get my HR to not withhold pay because it takes them 3 weeks to synch their databases, when I only have 10 days. And the time to have money on hand, which I can not afford without affecting bills, by waiting for a new debt card and checks. A month be easier but giving me ten days is uncompassionate. They would not let me stay or extend that deadline. All because I am helping someone build churches and schools and just been a middle man for the money since their own bank had issues months bank. So with stress levels high and hearts beating fast, all witch causes me massive illness (stress is my one weakness on this planet), I am at a lost since we have to have banks to get paid and pay bills, since no one can hand me over cash anymore. Every thing has to be bloody electronic and automated, and that is a disadvantage for me. Please pray.
  5. Exactly what I would have said too! If you love him that much and can feel in your heart to forgive him for abusiveness and sleeping with other women (I could personally never go back to someone who had sex with someone else), then you can work with him while living separate. Let him fix up his life in those areas (a resisdance, work, etc) while you two do counseling together and (him) separate (all has to be faith based counseling because I dealt with non-faith based ones who simply said "just divorce"). I also would have him always tell you what he is doing, where he is, and such so you can be sure he is still not messing around with other women in bed. And see how it goes. But DO NOT live with him anytime soon.
  6. Global warming still an issue though. It is sad, very sad, about that continent. Humans destroy this planet one way or another. Yes, climate changes naturally but also humans speed up the process of destroying the ozone layer, chemicals, pollution, over population, and all that stuff. Along with that, humans just careless.
  7. Oh no, @Neighbor, I am sorry. I did not mean to make it sound like you thought that. I was just commenting from what I read. Sorry.
  8. I do not even have a TV. My cell is a prepaid at about $10 a month (and I do not use it really because I hate all phones but need it at times). I do not have some online streaming service. By American standards, I make a decent living wage (before taxes). After taxes and company benefits, kids (the ex is struggling in the job market and she is super smart), paying rent, school loans on a BS that did me nothing, and the car still needing repairs.... I live off Dollar Tree when I can still afford that. Some days I go without eating to save a buck. I am one of those hard workers, but I lack the skills needed to keep going up. I worked at many jobs where there are rarely promotions, because no one above you were moving on. I have had to survive now for decades just "making it" no matter how hard I have tried. So not everyone is spending money on $100 cell phones, cable TV, Netflix, $60 sneakers, and such.
  9. Yup, I am done with Marvel now. https://www.looper.com/181831/the-mcu-will-introduce-a-transgender-character/
  10. Not going to disagree with you there about the workers. Only caring for themselves with their two houses, three cars, and a boat (even if they live in Kansas with no oceans). And, $300 haircuts with that. And to think, I just buzz my head myself to save $20.
  11. Never expect technology to work 100% of the time as it is as imperfect as the humans who made it. Think how many times you hit 0 but the auto attendant will not give you a human to speak to. So you wait for 2-3 minutes listening to prompts that are only voice accessible and hate the fact you press other buttons, and then it does not understand you. I am the time who raises my blood pressure on my hearts because I refuse to do anything but hit 0 or speak to a human right away. So with tech not always understanding what you say, will also be a shame if the system crashes during your order. Or, just even a bug or blip to get your order wrong. No thanks. If no human is taking my order, I leave. Same reason i do not shop at Walmarts. They remove cashiers.
  12. Interesting comments. The federal minimum wage is regulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor. Although the federal minimum wage rate is subject to change, it has not increased since 2009. The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Seems like the government does have its hands in people's pay. A side note about praying. Yes, I suffered and I prayed. But I still lost a lot I prayed to not lose. Family. Friends. Credit. Evictions. Embarrassment. It took me years to dig out of the ground from a job loss, but I still suffered even more no matter how much I prayed. I may not be a good prayer, but I do know who God is and what He can do. I just do not expect Him to do anything I ask for because He is not a genie. Praying may work for other people better than I. Let me clarify one bit, so people do not need to go crazy about my lives... I am not looking for a job. I do work in high end tech, but I am also subjected to high taxes, high rent, stuck not saving, and unable to leave town due to obligations. Chances of layoff are always floating around. But I am not looking to work at McDonald's (today anyway). So I am not looking for work. Just in case that has to be clarified. I merely mentioned past experiences and experiences of what other people are going through. With lack of jobs, people who I know are stuck in smaller roles having to take up another part time job or two just to have enough to feed their kids. So my question is more to this country as a whole because all the stuff I read (and my attention span is short) is people suffering with job losses (not really the governments fault there) and lack of new jobs they want... or need to survive. I do enjoy reading most of the comments people have posted and your viewpoints. I hope to read more.
  13. Of course but with jobs being more scarce, the only option are minimum wage if they are even available. Personal experience, I was laid of in 2011 and no one, not even fast food, would hire me. I had two degrees and all people saw was high tech and labor skills for the past 15 years (in one company) and all employees saw was "He needs real money." For two years I could not get hired until I did at Apple for a whopping $9/hr. I worked 80h a week for a year just to be able to afford rent each month. I know many adults way smarter than me and they are stuck with companies not hiring because they have no jobs available, and some are working in retail and fast food while trying to support kids and not lose a home they own. When I go into any fast food place I see mainly people from Mexico and usually all over 30 human years of age. Sure, I see teens, but also all from Mexico. I stopped going to many places because they can not understand what I am ordering. If you going to work in America, learn English is what I say. But, this is for another topic someday. But the point stands, lack of "living wage" jobs and yet the government is fine that adults, struggling to find high end work, are working in low paying positions.
  14. Heh, sounds like paradise for me. I lived in the woods, isolated from others before. Was... relaxing. But stuck in an apartment I can not afford to leave and no homes around I can afford. I also can not leave the state (family obligations). And thinking about how people are dealing with low wage jobs (because I had to deal with them and lose a home because of a layoff) and with prices always going up, how can the government and businesses think this is good enough for the American people?
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