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  1. Thank you Tzephanyahu. I actually preached bit on lament in church today. We modern Christians tend not to do lament well. Pastors would rather preach on happier passages, but lament is also part of God's inspired word. Blessings to you Tzeph.
  2. What about lament? It's also biblical. Since it's also in God's inspired Word, it should be welcome as well. How long o Lord will you forget me and let tragedy win against me?
  3. I don't love being shouted at. I guess @frienduff thaylorde is your friend. That's kewl. It doesn't excuse shouting at me though. How to be better Christian? Speak truth in love.
  4. I don't imagine they said much of anything. Probably just growled.
  5. Gospel is only proclamation that should be in Christian pulpits. Every sermon must serve in building Jesus' Church. For test's faith in that Gospel. There are cults in world today, with schemes for humanity's social improvement. They all are trash when it comes to question: What must I do to be saved? For this there's only one answer. They that believe and are baptized shall be saved. Faith in Jesus through Gospel and accepting of benefits of Christ's salvation through Baptism, that's only way to become sure of bliss. Jesus' words impress. Where there's no faith in his salvation, damnation will follow.
  6. Does God love God's glory more than God love's God's Creation? Why no, no God doesn't.
  7. Thank you all for your prayers. I saw doctor today. He prescribed me medicine for my hand but he only gave me week's worth. I have other appointment on 18th at which time he may give me more medicine. He wasn't able to refill my prescription. Apparently I need to go see neurologist for that. This isn't great news as the meds I now have for my neurological condition will only cover me for tonight and tomorrow morning.
  8. If that was intent, screaming doesn't serve poster well.
  9. Using caps is screaming. I don't appreciate being yelled at. There was no reason to correct me as he did.
  10. I never said it isn't in Bible frienduff. Why hostility?
  11. Please pray for me. I have to go see doctor tomorrow. I have strange, burning sensation in my right hand. I also need refill of prescription. Thank you.
  12. Writer emphasizes that she refers to willful sin, namely, that believers neglect grace's means, no longer attend church, and neither apply nor receive admonition. Christ's denial is sin, and contempt of grace's means of grace is road leading thereto. People that become guilty of this sin do so purposely, with intent, and they go on sinning, they persist in their sin. Having accepted Christ, such people deny Gospel's truths. Sacrifice for sins no longer exists for them. Their sin's nature has this result. For they've discarded salvation's only means. What they have to expect is Last Judgment's terror. What they must look forward to's hell, which will destroy forever Jesus' foes. This punishment is such as to make it impossible to portray its fierceness.
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