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  1. Nothing moral or righteous requesting a person to harm another. Why is this beyond you? Maybe you should examine your own standard.
  2. I think this topic has run it's course. Jordon has one point of view, he cannot understand a different one, after all, he does not have the Spirit of God, you cannotr expect him to understand. Jordon, to you I need to say, that you are violating the terms of service you agreed to when you joined. Therefore, I need to inform you, that such actions it the future, will earn you restrictions if not expulsion from this forum. Abide by the rules, of go peddle you views elsewhere. It is o.k. to disagree with what we believe, but it is not ok to intentionally stir up controversy, call others names, nor nor to disrespect God or the Bible! "You may not post any material that is disrespectful of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible. " from the terms of service you agreed to! You seem not understand basic morality. It's funny you don't find immorality disrespectful. You think it's actually moral requesting to harm another. No names were called, so you are posting inaccuracy. Maybe you should examine yourself. You closed the topic as you have no defence.
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