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  1. Hi all, I am new here. I have 4 children, 19, 12,10 and 8 and was wondering what the best internet safety programs are out there. If anyone had suggestions please to help keep my children's eyes and minds safe. Thanks
  2. AMB3R

    Hi there

    Hey there, I just joined up and was wondering how to post in a discussion. I am a Christian, I just watched 4 episodes of the world transformation movement to try and see if it was Christian or not. To see also if this was going to be a new age thing to bring the whole world in on the new world order thing that is in the end times so that I could be aware of it especially as my kids use the internet. He used examples from the bible but then said stories. He used all the right terms like redemption, fall of man etc. But it never lead to Christ. Was curious as to what he thought the answer was just so i can be aware if others bring it up in conversation. I have never been one to know other religions and help them to Christ, i know some people use that understanding to help others reach Christ but i have not even a basic understanding of any other religion. So i found this forum In answer to my question was that world transformation movement Christian or not...... You guys all say no, and I am in agreeance. I would like to thank you and all the comments on this topic. Praise God we can talk about all subjects freely in a Christian environment.
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