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  1. In the last few weeks, I've definitely bounced back from this episode of insomnia. Thank you all for the prayers and positivity! I appreciate that.
  2. Thank you everyone for the prayers and positivity! After my night of no sleep, I was struggling a bit for a few hours. It was tough at first -- I was so tired, and I couldn't fall asleep! I tried some prayer and relaxation techniques and then I remember that, right before I fell asleep I saw this image in my mind's eye of a silhouette. This was not a normal black silhouette but a silhouette of pure light, and it seemed to resemble an angel! I do not remember much else after that, because I fell asleep shortly after. It was really beautiful and profound. Then last night I fell asleep quickly, and slept soundly. I am hoping this phase of insomnia is in the past, but if it is not, I will try to use those late night moments as a chance to praise God and be thankful. For even in these worst moments of insomnia, I was still blessed, it was just very hard to see it, then!
  3. I take no medication. I remember when I was on a corticosteroid for my bronchitis, I barely slept for a whole week. Unfortunately last night I got no sleep. The melatonin worked like a charm the first night, but last night was rough. I have faith it will work out, but it is very challenging. I don't feel like the same person. All I can do is try my best and stay positive, which is hard sometimes.
  4. God bless Debbie and all the other victims of this attack. May her faith bring her closer to Jesus, and may it guide her and give her strength. In Jesus name, Amen.
  5. Last night I tried the 3mg of melatonin and fell asleep fast, had great sleep and good dreams! I'll stick with the melatonin for a few weeks and then see how I do without it. Thank you all for your prayers and input! Much love, Logoso_Rising
  6. Thanks everyone! I had one decent night of sleep (maybe 6 hours) and then last night I was up late and only could muster up 2-3! I'm starting more CBT-i practices, but I also just got 3mg capsules of melatonin, and I'm hoping that helps. I figured 3mg was a good starting dose, since the range I could get is 1-10! I'll let you know how this goes. All my life, I've had varying degrees of insomnia. Sometimes I'd just get 1-2 bad nights a month, other times it would be every day for weeks. The last year, it was starting to improve, but this last week it is getting bad again. There isn't anything too stressful/crazy going on in my life, and I am overall pretty optimistic (although that diminishes when my sleep suffers), so I think it is more physical-chemical than psychological-spiritual, but I could be wrong! I am grateful for the prayers. I'll try the melatonin tonight and see how that works. Blessings, Logos_Rising
  7. Hey Prayer warriors, I know that my condition is minor in the scheme of things, but it really limits my energy levels, messes with my mood and self-discipline levels, and is bad for my overall health. As of today, I am starting a CBT-i (cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia) program that I have found online. It's probably not as good as having a therapist, but it's better than nothing! I will report back in a few weeks, but any prayers are very welcome! The Lord has healed me in so many ways but for some reason this insomnia still remains with me. Thank you for reading this, Have a good day, Peace be upon you.
  8. It is the most beautiful campus I've seen, but I haven't really seen any other Ivy League schools or been to Europe, which I imagine has stunning places that are even more ancient! One day I will travel more, but for now I have to finish grad school first. The nature is great there, as well as the architecture. I can walk around there for hours, and I feel very blissful to be surrounded by such beauty both of nature and of the art.
  9. No. The acknowledgment of evil has helped to turn me towards God and follow the path of Jesus Christ. I'm not special, something similar happened to Paul, for instance. The devil may win battles, but he will not win the war. The war is mostly spiritual, and although the devil may win a lot of battles on earth (but not all, or even most IMO), the devil cannot win the spiritual war. That is because the Good & the True are Eternal. The evil and the lie are temporary and unsustainable.
  10. I live close to Princeton, NJ, and I often go to the chapel on the university's campus. The stained glass there is incredible! It's a great spot to go for prayer, reflection, and meditation. There is something special that happens when inspired architecture meets inspired art. I would love to go there for a choir performance some day, as I would imagine the acoustics of the place are incredible. If anybody is in central NJ (or even somewhat close), I'd recommend it greatly.
  11. I've been doing intermittent fasting lately, admittedly for the health benefits and increased energy levels. These improvements have helped me spiritually, but I would like to go further and try a fast for spiritual benefits. What would one recommend? I'd like to at least have water, but would having tea and/or coffee be a cop out? I would be grateful to have some input/guidance, as I am new to Christianity and I was thinking about fasting for Spirit lately, so seeing this thread was a nice surprise.
  12. That is interesting - I never even heard of most of them besides escatology and theology. Thanks for sharing!
  13. That's beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience.
  14. Good passages! I have been thinking about "building" a lot lately. It is a good metaphor for living a good, meaningful life under God and under Jesus Christ. It takes lots of time and energy to build a house.... we need a foundation (which I take as faith & wisdom), we need help from our friends who represent the different trades. The house will give us shelter and warmth.
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