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  1. I want to say what a great blessing it has been discussing this documentary with all the viewers of this thread -- all the questions about the "Family," their beliefs, how it may tie into the false religion of the end times, Douglas Coe and the Family's influence on the Church and government. Trump and his role. It's been really awesome. (Daydreaming is fun.)
  2. Actually, comparing someone's interpretation of a Bible passage to something "akin to deception" is a bit different than correcting one's Bible citation. To say they are the same thing is another falsehood. (Can't say that I am shocked you cannot distinguish the difference.) I'm ripping nothing out of context. That's another falsehood. Because that was done with Obama does not mean that is what I am doing. You haven't a clue what's in my book because you have not read it. My primary source in my book and in my writings is the Bible, regardless of how you characterize it otherwise. The reporting in today's news media did not foreshadow my book -- just the opposite. But you will never know that because you are content with your ongoing false narrative. I understand. It's your only alternative. Thus far, your appeals to Scripture have not bode well for you.
  3. Yes, you are correct. That was an error. Thank you for that correction. See how that works? I was in error. I was not trying to deceive you or even "sort of" deceive you. I was wrong because I was unaware and made a mistake. I was not aware and put the wrong citation on purpose. That's the difference between error and deception. And as a brother in the Lord, I just wish you would consistently extend me that courtesy rather than always assuming I'm "up to something." Really -- I'm not. Only what I believe to be truth. I may be in error. But I am not trying to deceive anybody. (I'll go back and correct that, if I may. I hate mishandling God's Word in any way.)
  4. Let me see if I have this straight. You accuse me of something "akin to deception." I then inform you that Arthur Pink, in whom you have copiously quoted in the past, holds the same view as myself, and your response is: "Leave Pink out of this thread" ??? Tell me something. Are you for real? Look, I don't have any problem with people disagreeing with my views. I don't have any problem with people taking me to task on Scripture. I don't have any problems with critique. But I have a problem... You don't care for my interpretation of Isaiah 14? Fair enough. But when you describe my interpretation as, "akin to deception," and then double down adding, "Leave Pink out of this thread." -- That ain't gonna fly. Sorry. For starters, this is my post, not yours, if anyone has a right to limit things on this thread, it's me (and the mods, of course.) But one thing's for sure, it's not you. Second, this is ALWAYS your go-to when you run out of argument -- go on the personal attack. You suggested I look up the word, "akin." I did, thank you. It means: "allied by nature; having the same properties, having or showing an affinity; kindred." If you want to call my teachings "akin to deception" then you must also call Arthur Pink's teaching likewise. He teaches the same thing. You say that Isaiah 14:12 shifts to "exclusively" a picture of Lucifer. But as I noted, it is Pink himself who aligns Lucifer's name in verse 12 with the Antichrist. Here's Pink in his own words: "This term "Lucifer" has been commonly regarded as one of the names of Satan, and what is here said of the Morning Star is viewed as describing his apostasy. Against this interpretation we have nothing to say, except to remark that we are satisfied it does not exhaust this remarkable scripture. Isa. 14 may look back to the distant past when, through pride, Satan fell from his original estate, it most evidently looks forward to a coming day and gives another picture of the Antichrist." (Bold not in original) This quote is available here for context: https://www.biblebelievers.com/Pink/antichrist06.htm Verse 16 says, "Is this the man...?" When is Satan called a man in Scripture? This is clearly a man pictured here, not an angel. The following verses describe things humans do, not angels. To be clear, I believe the AC will be possessed by Satan, as was Judas. What does Pink have to say about this verse? "He (the Antichrist) is spoken of as the man who will 'shake kingdoms' and 'make the earth to tremble' (Isa. 14:16)." https://www.biblebelievers.com/Pink/antichrist07.htm There's Pink, in his own words, on this exact verse! If you are truly a student of prophecy (which I question), you will know the name Harry Ironside -- one of the great teachers of the prophetic word and my father's pastor for a time. In his commentary on Isaiah he says on page 76 under the heading - (Isaiah 14:16-27) "Isaiah depicted the utter destruction of the last great enemy of Israel in the Day of the Lord." Who is the great enemy of Israel during the tribulation? The Antichrist. So now we have one of the great theologians of the 20th century, Arthur Pink, who wrote the consummate book on the Antichrist and perhaps the greatest teacher of the 20th century on the prophetic word, Harry Ironside -- They BOTH side with my position. It's fine and dandy with me if you have a different interpretation of Isaiah 14 than myself. But before you characterize me or my teachings as something, "akin to deception," you better be sure you get that one right. Deception is not error. It trades truth for a lie. If such holds true for me, then it holds true for Arthur Pink and Harry Ironside as well. You can't have it both ways. If I am TRULY an evil and deceitful man, you can rest easy. But if I speak the truth, I need not judge you. Isaiah already has: "WOE TO THOSE WHO CALL...GOOD -- EVIL." (Isaiah 5:20) Greenland -- My comment was obviously said with a bit of levity (tongue-in-cheek). But rest assured, it was not motivated by a Leftist sense of panic about global warming. I don't need science to know the earth will catch on fire, I have the Word of God. "For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be stubble. The day that is coming shall set them ablaze, says the LORD of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch." (Malachi 4:1-2) "And a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up." (Rev 8:7) Your quote: "Or are you saying that they want to avoid the fire coming down from heaven? cause then it makes perfect sense... Not. There is no way to hide from the wrath of God." It's not a "they." It's a "he" - the Antichrist. It doesn't really make "perfect sense" for the him to stand up in the Temple and proclaim himself as GOD, either. He does it anyway. Ascribing "sensibility" to the Antichrist? I see you haven't thought this through.
  5. Yeah...LOL...Greenland HAHA, that's hilarious. Who in their right mind would see the tactical advantage of owning an island of ice?!? Right? It's not like the world is going to catch on fire or anything. Oh... wait a second.
  6. "akin to deception..." Here is just one classic example of DH going so far as to call me a deceiver. (How the moderators allow this continual character attack on another brother is puzzling.) I will now uncover his hypocrisy. In my post, "Profile of a Man", Mr DH was attempting to prove that the AC must be Jewish. In his final pitch, he copy and pasted an entire section from a book. This particular section he pasted supposedly showed that the AC must be Jewish. Ironically, the author he swiped is a theologian I greatly respect - Arthur Pink - and I told him so at the time. But I disagree with Pink on this particular issue. (I quote him in my book on numerous occasions.) His book, The Antichrist, remains one of the gold standards on this topic. Here is the page where Mr. DH quoted him at length. It's posted August 8th and starts with yellow highlighted words. (Let it be stated that I responded to ALL Pinks points and showed why the passages actually support a Gentile AC, not Jewish.) Back to this thread, I had previously quoted Isaiah 14 as a reference to the Antichrist. Mr DH's reply above references Jesus in the Mt. Olivet discourse where He cautions of coming "deceivers." Then Mr DH says: "Context is everything, Isa 14:16 is speaking of Lucifer, He is compared to the King of Babylon who ruled fiercely, over the NATIONS. Ripping a verse such as Isa. 14;16-18 out of context to prove a point is akin to deception..." (Bold not in original) So, Mr DH believes that this verse only refers to Lucifer and it is akin to deception to suggest that this passage refers to the Antichrist. Okay, remember the great theologian Mr DH likes to quote? You know, the one who wrote the definitive book on the Antichrist, Arthur Pink? Shall we take a little peek at what Pink has to say regarding this King of Babylon? In his book, The Antichrist, there is a chapter called "Names and Titles of the Antichrist." In this chapter, Arthur Pink lists 25 titles for the Antichrist. #14 in the list is "King of Babylon." What is the first verse Pink quotes? "Thou shalt take up this proverb against the King of Babylon, and say, How hath the oppressor ceased! the golden city ceased!" (Isa. 14:4). #15 in Pink's titles for the AC is "Son of the Morning". The scriptural context for this title? Isaiah chapter 14. Here's a link to Pink's chapter online. https://www.biblebelievers.com/Pink/antichrist06.htm So...if I'm a deceiver (an apt title for one whose handling of God's Word is "akin to deception.") then I guess Arthur Pink is also a deceiver, seeing how that in this regard, we see eye to eye. This is problematic for Mr. DH because now it appears that he is posting material of authors whose interpretations are "akin to deception." DHChristian, you said the "D" in DH stands for David? Did I recall that correctly or was it a 3-syllable something or other?
  7. For some reason, my response posted 3x. I am not sure how to delete responses.
  8. May I just note: The Family documentary was released just days BEFORE Trump announced that he was "The Chosen One." DrChristian claims to "weed through the information." In fact, he does not. He has neither watched the documentary nor read my book. If he had, he would know why Trump's words are so significant. The minute Trump made that statement, I said to my wife, "Those words are coming from Trump's spiritual advisers." That was before I watched this film. Indeed, they were. Also -- The documentary is based on the writer's book -- released in 2009 - six years BEFORE Trump announced his run for office. Also -- I wrote my book in the summer of 2016 amidst the Republican Primaries - a time when Donald Trump was the favored candidate by the liberal press to run against Hillary because polls suggested that he was the ONLY candidate Hillary stood a chance to beat!!! DrChristian's "you're just being swayed by a globalist elite media" theory falls flat on its face. And I am the shill? You all will soon know how false that is.
  9. Regarding DHChristian's smokescreen on Hitler's socialism, let me clear a one thing, I have never accused Trump of being a globalist. Never once. I don't have to. That's because the Antichrist is NOT a globalist. I re-post what I said to DHChristian in my "Profile of a Man" post: The disciples asked Jesus about the end of the age. The first words out of Jesus mouth, "The nations shall be united beneath the fulfilled dream of the global elites." (Oh wait a minute, that's from the global conspiracy-hunter websites. My bad.) Here's the verse, "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.." (Matthew 24:7) Of the Antichrist: "Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners? All the kings of the nations, even all of them, lie in glory, every one in his own house." (Isaiah 14:16-18) For all of you that believe the AC will be the product of some globalist conspiracy dating all the back to the building of Solomon's Temple, let me assure you of something. -- The source of this garbage is not Scripture, it's the occult. The AC will be a global dictator, not a globalist. (Yeah, there's a difference.) And yes, he will enter into a national league of some sort, as all nations do in war time. But he will simply laugh at the globalists. He will uproot their plans and take the whole pot to himself. Armageddon starts with nations battling EACH OTHER. (Rev. 16:12; 19:18-19; Joel 3:2; Daniel 11:21-45; Zech. 14:2). In fact, nationalism will continue right into the Millennial reign of Christ. "And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles." (Zech. 14:16) "And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD..." (Micah 4:2) Are there "global" movements at the time of the end. Yes. But these will be usurped by one man -- the Antichrist. Yes, he will have 10 (7) kings in league with him as well as the Whore of Babylon. But this is not a democratic globalist-driven agenda where national sovereignty is eradicated due to some kind of ancient secret cabal. Rather, it is driven by direct super-natural satanic power that is delivered into the lap of the Antichrist. With such power, he will invade nation after nation for its wealth, Egypt, Israel, etc. His Mark will make him invincible: "And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" (Rev. 13:4) As far as the charge of me being some kind of "global shill," I assure you -- I am a nationalist, through and through. I am not, however, an isolationist. (Neither is Trump.) In the small world in which we live, making a nation have no relationship with their neighbors is like me trying to instruct my fish in my aquarium to swim in one area of the tank. Not gonna happen. The world has become an aquarium and the fish have teeth. I do acknowledge that a New World Order - an ancient plan of a few elites to rule over the masses - exists. Absolutely true. My point is that nowhere does Scripture say that AC is a product of such plans. Who knows? Maybe Satan has attempted to insert pro-globalist men such as Obama to head up this AC role. That's possible. But that decision rests solely with the Lord, not Satan or the elites. The Lord does as He pleases. He is not handcuffed to any such satanic Utopian delusion. Satan and the Antichrist are ultimately His servants. They cannot step outside of HIS will. This ends as the Lord decrees, no one else. I repeat, we need to take our cues from the Word of the the Lord -- the Bible. (end of quote) As you all can plainly see, I am not globalist. I have said this time and time again and DHChristian continues to perpetuate this false narrative. For those of you that believe Trump has no global aspirations, he just canceled a meeting with the leader of Denmark because he refused to sell him Greenland. Hello?.....Is this mic on?
  10. Don't like the Germany comparison? Okay. What if you became truly convinced that our next president is corrupt, but it just so happens that he is a nationalist? Are you required to support him to avoid being called a globalist? Yes or no? Because I do not support Trump because I believe he is the Antichrist, how does it follow that that proves I am a globalist? It does not.
  11. Just curious, is there anyone out there that actually wants to discuss The Family documentary -- you know, the topic I posted on? (what a novel idea...)
  12. I am not being dismissive. I said I agreed with your sentiments and still do. Yes, it will be difficult to forgo food and water. I was not speaking to the difficulty factor or even to the fact the Bible commands us not to take the mark. Nor was I referring to brothers who have a different idea on how things play out. All that's well and good. But you said we must "prepare." I simply asked, "How?" Assuming one is a Christian and knows not to take the Mark, beyond that, how does one prepare? I hear post-tribs make the argument that pre-tribs will take the Mark because they won't be "prepared" for the tribulation. When I ask the question to post-tribs how they are "preparing" for a world set on fire, I don't get a clear response. As I see it, there is only one preparation we can do and that is to live spirit-filled lives in the Word of God and fellowship, something both pre and post-tribs do already. Beyond that, nothing can prepare you for the coming dark day -- nothing. Revelation says, "Blessed are those who die in the Lord." That is not a day one will want to live in. To die will be gain.
  13. Yeah, I knew you'd pull that deceptive line of reasoning, totally missing my point. That's why I added this part below, which you ignored altogether. Answer it please. --- "Don't like the Germany comparison? Okay. What if you became truly convinced that our next president is corrupt, but it just so happens that he is a nationalist? Are you required to support him to avoid being called a globalist? This is just one example of the absurd ways in which you think and the twisted standard you hold me to. One only has to read my testimony to know that I am not a globalist. You also know that. But truth matters nothing to you. You must always attack and do so falsely. You always have to make this personal -- like clockwork."- I AM NOT A GLOBALIST DHCHRISTIAN. I HAVE PLAINLY DENIED YOUR ACCUSATION. ARE YOU ACCUSSING ME OF LYING? YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO ATTACK MY VIEWS. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CALL ME A LIAR AND ATTACK MY CHARACTER WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE. PLEASE STOP. As I have said, my testimony has been consistent on here and does reflect one ounce of globalist philosophy. You are making that up out of thin air. Provide one globalist quote I've made on here. Your charges are false and what's so awful is that you are fully aware they are false. On the Profile of a Man post, I gave my whole testimony for all to read. It does not fit a globalist philosophy. What I find absolutely stunning is not that there are people like DHChristian in the world, it is that there have been dozens of Christians reading his obviously fallacious charges on here (I defer to my Profile of a Man post where he puked these fallacious charges out in a never-ending stream of vomit.), AND AS A BROTHER IS PUBLICLY MALIGNED, NOT ONE BROTHER HAD (AND STILL HASN'T) THE GUTS TO COME TO MY DEFENSE. NOT ONE. ASTOUNDING TIMES WE LIVE IN. His reasoning is this, "Support Trump. If you cannot, you are a globalist spy and cannot be trusted." This is really scary stuff folks. Are all of you just going to let a brother receive false allegations and say nothing? Do you think the Lord is not aware you are reading this? He sees. Shame on all of you. By the way folks, do you not discern the focus of these comments? Are they on The Family documentary? No. DrChristian does not want to face that music. It's on my character. His reasoning is as follows: "You are a bad person and listen to bad people and therefore, you are a liar." I repeat, this is awful stuff and more awful that you all are silent. I recount in my book how on the final blood moon of the heptad back in the fall in 2015, a man whom I had never met, came to me and prophesied, saying, "You will go on a difficult journey, alone." It has truly come to pass. The LORD be praised.
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