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  1. Well it's not good night for me, so step aside and I'll take over last while you sleep.
  2. ok, I think I'll pass, but thank you anyways
  3. umm I've never had anchovies. Are they good
  4. that's not nice! Can't we share
  5. can I have a turn
  6. last
  7. Have a good time, I'll hold your position until your return
  8. Only 50 more post to the big marker and it's all mine
  9. I slept through it
  10. I hope i didn't miss anything what day is it, umm mothersday......Chirstmas.......umm
  11. Well if it doesn't pick up soon, we aren;t going to hit the big 9,000 mark and I really wanted to try for that one
  12. well, keep your guard up, cause smiles is in chat now, so it wont be long until she comes here.
  13. ok if you say so Well, I just am stopping in to say hi, you can have it
  14. Good for you, I really should be doing that, but I just can't get myself motivated after a long day of work. So, are you king of lastness, or just another passer by?
  15. Yeah, chat is quiet too Maybe I should go read, or I could just waste time here