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  1. I agree. We would never appoint people based on our friendship. We appoint people based on attitude more than abilities. People can be trained to do a role but we are more interested in their willingness to love, serve and demonstrate commitment.
  2. I think favouritism is inevitable. Everybody has favourites to some extent. I think the key is to be fair and available to everyone but it is only natural that we will like some people more than others. We have to love equally. But it is only natural we gravitate to some people more than others.
  3. Definitely. People say I am warm, funny and friendly.
  4. Earlier this week I posted about the need for friendships. This morning I arrived at church to find an anonymous note on my seat. It read: Dear Rick You have been such a great influence and supporter for my family and although some may not understand the sacrifices and efforts you have gone through to manifest riches in us, I want to thank you so very much for choosing to sew seed into places uncomfortable and sacrificial. it is because of people like yourself that I can see a glimpse of Jesus and learn to continue the ripple that comes from God. Sincerely from your friend not too far away. I am speechless.
  5. Yes I am married and I am constantly with people, but, there is a vast difference between being a husband and a Pastor to having someone as an intimate friend.
  6. Let me say upfront that the greatest violation of a woman’s right is to take her life before she is born. However as a Pastor I am constantly trying to impart to my congregation that being holy doesn’t mean we isolate ourselves and become judge and jury of people. Jesus upset the Pharisees constantly because He was a friend of sinners”. I want to have gay people in my church. I want people straight out of prison. They will fit right in because we are all sinners. Being friends doesn’t mean we condone their actions. Your friend needs you. None of us can throw the first stone. Yes her actions were bad, very bad, but she needs the love of God. You can be that channel.
  7. I am not wired that way. Certainly we need to walk close with God but I need human relationships too.
  8. Excellent idea. I am actually scheduled to start some outside volunteering soon. See what happens
  9. Those are great ideas, thank you so much. What you are doing for your friend is absolutely priceless. What a great gift you are giving him. I am sure this giving brings a great smile to God. Impressive
  10. ozrick33

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    Extreme temperatures. Winter gets to zero or less here in Sydney. The grass is crunchy and we have to de-ice our windshields. Summer is intense. It can get as high as 110. When you see Sydney weather reports it is usually referring to the CBD which is in the coast. Here in the suburbs it’s more intense.
  11. Part of the challenge in being a Pastor is loneliness. I am friends with many of the people in our church but there is and most likely always be some degree of separation between them and me. A recent survey found 78% of Pastors have no close friends. What I am not sure of is how to find and make new friends. I welcome any input. Thanks very much Rick
  12. ozrick33

    I am new

    No problem. I live in Sydney and wear many different hats. I am the founder of a charity that houses at risk families. I am a business consultant, Grandparent, Pastor and survivor.
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