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    I used to have lots of interests. I have always been a tinkerer. Fixing things like electronics, watches, etc. Old age changes things:)
    Keeper of the kats right now. Love the mining for gold shows and true mystery shows like Date line and the Justice channel. Lots of games but old fogie games such as solitaire and other card games.

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  1. Thanks you all for your kind words. God bless you!
  2. Thanks for the informative responses. Different ideas as to the meaning of predestination. Many facets as Michael points out. God bless all!
  3. Physically 102, emotionally 45, spiritually 12.
  4. Yesterday, I heard that a acidity system fights cancer. A spoon of apple cider vinegar a day helps something but I forgot what? I am going to try both of these:)
  5. Seems to be a really tough question. So many different opinions. I am always concerned about those left out without a choice to be Gods.
  6. ilovejcsog

    God is Great!

    It was 115 today and God kept the cooler going. This is life or death for the cats and I. Prevous Summers the cooler has broke down but I no longer have any answers. It is all up to God and he has kept it going. I am sure it seems a little thing to most but it is pretty much on my mind mostly. Praise God!
  7. I am so concerned for him because this man has The Lord in his life his whole life, 64 years. He knows the word inside and out. He tells me all about the word when I have a question. He always has the answer. How could this happen to him? It is so disturbing. I can understand when a person doesn't know much of the word. His wife and him raised their children in the word. I appreciate the comments and the help. I will continue to pray for him it is just so disturbing that he of all people would turn from his beliefs. Thank you again. Roxanne
  8. I am concerned for my friend. It seems he is moving to UNI. Their argument seems to be mostly that what kind of a loving God would condemn his creation to Hell? So they don't believe he is. No one will go to H. I feel a little ill inside. Have they forgotten the God of the old testament?
  9. I am impressed with all of your knowledge on UNI. I hope none of you will mind if I give a link to a friend. He needs to see the other side. Thank you so much for your responses!
  10. Why can't I replace my avatar? It lets me add a new one but the old one remains.
  11. Welcome, I hope you get an answer that will help you. Blessings
  12. Welcome bilshane What a nice entry. There is so much love here in this forum. I do hope you achieve what you desire here. BLESSINGS!
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