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  1. Thank you Rebecca this is so encouraging and uplifting as well, indeed we are citizens of heaven
  2. We embrace Jesus by believing he is the son of God,by making him our whole life. embrace the one who embraced you first when you gave your life to him. I urge you to constantly pray as you embrace God life and in him you will get everything
  3. Hello my name is lyn and i would love to be part of this forum as we spread the Good news of Christ together Throughout my journey of salvation i had to learn when God is truly speaking to me by taking a test. I always ask myself the following questions 1, does it line up with what the bible says 2, does the idea make me look like Jesus in character 3, is it a conviction or a condemnation this has enabled me to be patient and prayerful and hence allowing God to speak to me. i would like to know more about God in this forum, seek him and begin to experience him God bless you all
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