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  1. That was fun. My result is the Reformed churches.
  2. Praying for quick containment and the safety of everyone, God bless
  3. Praying for them and their country, God bless
  4. That's so much tragedy at once. Praying for everyone
  5. Nigh I can relate in some ways. I always considered myself a Christian from early childhood. About college aged, some events happened and I felt like I was back into an existential sort of struggle with thoughts of do I really believe because sometimes I have doubts. BeauJangles is right when he says we can't always trust our feelings. If you know deep inside that you believe, lean on that when you have your unloving or doubtful feelings. Lean on what you know with your head and not always your heart. Praying for you, God bless you Jeremiah 17:9-10 The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it? I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.
  6. Jslick, I also experience what I believe to be harassment by demons. I feel like God just wants me to trust him through these troubles. As long as I'm reading the Word, trying to apply it to me life, allowing God to teach me things, and practicing His commandments I am making progress. Sometimes I feel like I have to be perfect but I believe that comes from within myself, my misinterpretations of things, or even the demonic influence. If the powers of darkness know we can't be perfect they can make us feel pretty bad if we aren't yes? In my experience the better I know the Word, the better I can discern what seems to be coming from darkness. It is important to know that we as humans will not reach a sinless state until we are glorified. Thus I don't believe God is requiring you to be sinless. I'm not sure what will free you of the demons but put on the armor of God and battle through it with the Word. Praying for your perseverance and the Lord's will in your life. I hope you find some relief soon.
  7. Amen brother! We should all strive to do this every day. God bless
  8. Thanks for this, I'll have to look into these things. I guess my takeaway from this thread is that there are many different opinions and experiences on some matters. We know Scripture is the Truth but some of us interpret non-essential salvation topics differently based on our walk with God. I'm glad to see all the views and see where it takes me in the future.
  9. I really appreciate you going into your experience. Quite the rollercoaster, my goodness. I guess it's fortunate for me to have been profitable over the last few years with very careful planning and so I tend to miss alot of the downsides. They are there. Oh yes, we do take a gamble on many things in life. I guess my really narrowed in focus is the definition of gamble and the philosophy behind categorizing gambling and investing together in a way that is absolute. This would perhaps take a pages long essay. I'm not sure lol. But I agree, we take a gamble on things in life and this doesn't make them sinful depending on their nature. Amen We do need to keep our focus on the Lord and know our priorities are on Him. Material wealth can be a blessing and a temptation.
  10. I don't particularly see how it is always gambling, however if someone could explain I'd be appreciative. All in all, it looks like this is just one of those topics where people differ.
  11. You make a good point about residential real estate.
  12. I agree with JohnD that some sort of evil can be found in almost every human activity. As far as investing in the stock market, I believe this falls under a Christian's freedom. If one does their due diligence, an investor would evaluate financial statements or receive what is believed to be well informed guidance regarding choices in investing. In my opinion, this takes it out of the realm of gambling. As with investing I could make a comparison to starting one's own business. The person makes sure they have all the necessary inputs and then makes the decision of what will be profitable and where. As an investor you own a share, however large or small, of the business and thus you own some of the profits/losses of the business. As it profits or loses, so do you. If a Christian has ethical concerns about a business then that may be grounds to find another opportunity to invest.
  13. Praying, God bless you all
  14. Praying for God's provision for you in this, God bless you
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