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  1. It's wonderful that you've found some work and have a church for worship! Praying for you and family. God bless you
  2. It's great that you're seeking help through this. I can sympathize with what you're going through because I've had similar experiences and God has helped me grow greatly through times of trouble. Praying for your situation and that someone can recommend some resources for you. God bless you
  3. Oh dear, so sorry to see your injuries. Praying for your healing and safe journey. Also for the Cameroonians. God bless you
  4. Praying for him, God bless
  5. Praying, God bless you. I hope things start going better.
  6. Praying for this brother, God bless
  7. Praying for you and family, God bless you
  8. Praying for the Lord's will in this, God bless you
  9. Praying, God bless you
  10. Sorry to hear this, praying for her situation. God bless
  11. Praying, God bless you all
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