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  3. If god created everything then in theory there was nothing before hand as something with out god's control was there before him thus providing a whole new perspective. Maybe he wasn't alone but that just asks more questions than needed and I am not saying he is limited, I am more focusing on the point that God has ideas, ambitions, plans etc. So these plans have some kind of origin without anything around him to show him otherwise, maybe, we could include meta physics, multiverse theories, time travel, so many things to throw into some simple first few lines. And I agree we are limited and that brings up even more questions like dimension theories, how our senses are limited to the third dimension but we have some understanding of the fourth and more beyond that. I am here to understand god by looking at what he's done, look at how it can comply to his control and then I'll go on from there. I do hope to bring this up in ask a question soon.
  4. I like that, thank you
  5. Hey guys, here's a question for you, in the beginning there was nothing, therefore there was nothing to influence any idea in god's head and no one to tell him otherwise yet he devised a whole plan that involves good and evil, but there was nothing to respond to in the first place, funny that, so how would this work exactly without anyone besides God telling him what to do, without even knowing what telling is...
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