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  1. I had miscarriage and I’m devastated. I’ve had a few terrible months lately. I know the lord will show me the way!
  2. After my dr visit today it is my husband who is the father. I understand some people here are rude and crude and have their own agenda. Yes I made some mistakes. I asked for prayers and I received them. Thank you all and glory to god. For those who thought rude comments don’t worry god will forgive. You may have turned your back on a fellow Christian, but that ok. Jesus was backstabbed worse by Judas. You know who you are. I won’t loose any sleep tonight.
  3. True. Maybe I won’t tell him. I’m so confused. Please Lord help me!
  4. Update on my letter. Yes I wrote the letter. However things didn’t go as planned. I’ve chatted with many of you on the side and everyone has been very supportive. Thank you lord for guiding me to this site and most of the people here. Many of you convinced me not to give him the letter and handle it face to face. I went to his brothers house, where he’s been staying, only to find him. It there but the brother was. I didn’t leave the letter with my brother in law. Many know what kind of person he is. I am currently trying to figure my life out with the help of Jesus. Thank you all and god bless.
  5. I’m embarrassed to go face to face and admit everything.
  6. Thank you. I don’t have much faith after what I’ve done.
  7. This is a difficult time. I pray the Lord can give me the strength to say everything and be honest about committing adultery. I pray the Lord will guide him to forgive me for what I’ve done. God bless you all.
  8. So my situation hasn’t gotten better. I pray everyday. But messed up again last night. The lord will show me the way I just know it.
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