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  1. Update: the co-worker quit Sept. 3rd. It was such a relief and nothing but the hand of God, to make this happen. Thank you everyone for your prayers.
  2. Blessings to everyone who have replied to my prayer request. I will give an update on my meeting with my bosses today: things went really well. I told my bosses all about the issues I was having with this person and they promised that action will be taken. I did tell them that I was close to calling the police on this person, now I'm glad I didn't. I'm thankful that God redirected my thoughts back to taken it to my bosses and they will handle it. I'm also very thankful for you all. In times of great distress for me, I know I can always come here for prayer. Everyone here is such a blessing to me.
  3. Blessings ladypeartree...I know I need to make some decisions concerning this guy, and I have decided to move him to another shift. Will I be safe? Don't know, as stuff like this only fuels people's anger. But I will talk to one of my bosses today, let him know what I've decided and then wait for his directions. Thank you so much for this advise...I really needed it.
  4. ...but, I have this co-worker, and he has been a complete terror. He has been written up three times, have been counselled by our bosses numerous times, I have reported him to my bosses more times than I remember and as of Friday, made a threat to me. I, again, went to my bosses and they are sending out a member of our upper management team to come out and speak to me today about this person. Now, I am going to speak to him, but with that threat that the co-worker made Friday, I want to call the police on this person and have him removed from my site. I wanted to call the police on Friday, but scripture tells us to submit to those who have the authority over us...it's why I went to my bosses and why I didn't call the police. I want to call the police. Any advice or encouragement would be most helpful. Blessings.
  5. Praying for him and his family and for you.
  6. I don't have any teenagers, but I know this must be frustrating to have someone you love so dearly, hurt you so badly, whether it be intentional or not. Praying for you both.
  7. Bless you, dear sister. I have done all you have spoken and now...I'm standing. Just standing...
  8. I don't know if anyone doesn't know what it's like to go to work and EVERYDAY have to deal with someone who is just bent on making your existence at work look like you're a mistake the company made in hiring you. I want to say that these people must have a miserable existence in their own personal lives. Why else would one so called Christian, torture another Christian? Thank you for praying.
  9. I really need prayer today. The battle is with my mind. I have this one coworker who is content on making my life miserable at work. He nit picks, tries to push my buttons and does anything in his power to make it seem like I am not a good fit for my job. I have written him up, been to my bosses about him numerous times ( they have turned a deaf ear now ), and have talked to this person face to face on several occasions and still nothing is getting through to him...and nothing is being done about him. So, I'm coming to you all to ask for prayer. See, this person goes to church. Claims to be a child of the Most High...but the way he treats me, he can't possibly be following after God and have all this evil in his heart! Right? Christians do not go out of their way to seek to do someone else wrong. Stuff like what he's doing, makes it hard for me to believe that he's a true follower of Christ. At any rate, I never cease to pray for him...though I won't lie, this hasn't been easy at times. When these kinds of trials appear in my life, I always take the time to ask God to show me me. Let me see what it is that I could be doing that's wrong and for Him to lead and guide me in the right direction. Because I don't know. There are times that I have prayed and it seemed like the situation got worse...and you feel so defeated and on your own. Please pray. Thank you.
  10. This is a beautiful post. It is a blessing that God has provided work for you so that you can support your family. Praying for you and your family.
  11. Just a thought: 'a true child of God, cannot be demon possessed!'. Want to get rid of that demon? Then, you need salvation...plain and simple. God is never a jerk.
  12. Dear one, bless your heart. I do not have a simple answer for this one, because you need the help of a marriage counselor, preferably christian. I will give my best advise: turning to porn, is doing more harm than good. I will not tell you to stop that, only you can decide that. However, being a child of God, you are never alone. The enemy wants you to think that by trying to make you take your focus off God, but when you take your eyes off your circumstances, you will see that God was always there...right from the beginning. So don't turn from Him, yield to Him, and He will bring it to pass. God is working out all things out for our good. You are never alone in Christ.
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