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  1. Thank you Amanda . I'll look for the book title !
  2. Have you ever worked with native Americans ? Indians ? There is an ocean of difference between european blood and Native ......
  3. Thanks to all who answered . Heybro , I'v been a believer and spirit filled Christian for almost 30 years now . However in the last few new and different lines of study have made themselves known . After viewing a deliverance tape made and led by Brother Prince I am convinced beyond doubt of the super-natural power involved ! I was looking for like minded people to converse with in this area or those who have spent some time at the study of this work ... thanks
  4. God's Peace to all . I'm interested in hearing from others who have made use of fasting and prayer for deliverance from demonic oppression .... I'v been following the work of Derek Prince and have had many new ideas made known to me . I'd most like to hear from those who have been delivered ! Thank you for your time .
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