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  1. I will be praying for your son turtle. Keep us updated.
  2. I have recently started a new job, and done a lot of travelling, keeping me away from worthy for a while. I work with children at my new job too, although it's a bit different. Anyway, I still am in church work. The pastor's two grandchildren one going into 3rd grade and I can't remember if the other is going into 1st or 2nd are already giving me hugs. It's so precious. I love kids!
  3. EllaGrace

    Praise God!

    Went to the Youth Gathering with 5 kids. They learned a lot. We had some really deep conversations and they had a lot of fun! I also started my new job. Getting here was an adventure as my car had a lot of things wrong with it. God protected us on the long drive though!
  4. I'll be at a youth gathering with the church youth group tomorrow through next Tuesday. Please pray for our safety and for the youth that they grow in their faith and knowledge and understanding of God's Word. Have a great week!
  5. Something I need to seriously remember right now. Hope it encourages others too.
  6. Yesterday I taught the "littles" (2 year olds-kindergarten), as I like to call them, at the church about Philip and the Ethiopian. One little girl who is five now and will be joining the "middles" (1-5 graders) in September who was super quiet when I met her and super attached to mom and dad when I met her, babbled on and on to me. She asked me a bunch of questions including why don't I wear dresses and told me about her life including the fact that she had recently lost two teeth and that mommy gave her coins when she lost them. She also gave me a back hug of sorts and I gave her a piggy back ride. When I first met her, I would have never dreamed of any of this happening. I will miss her when I move as I will miss them all. All children are such a beautiful gift from God!
  7. Sunset above the clouds. God is the Master of beauty!
  8. Welcome! It's great to have you here!
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