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  1. bornagain24


    I really need some advice with issues I’m having. I’ve know that my boyfriend has a sex addiction as he has openly admitted to me. We got saved a while back and things were fine until the last 2 months I discovered he has been talking to a few different girls in a very sexual manor. I’m not leaving him and I know some reading this will see that as crazy, but I want to help him. He has told me he wants to stop and he wants to be a loyal servant of God, but he has this stronghold in his life that he is struggling with (i.e. sex addiction). He doesn’t know that I know yet about him talking to other girls but I’m going to talk to him about it tonight. I want to help him be delivered from this so that he can finally have peace and happiness and grow stronger in his walk with God. He is so very good to me and has helped me through so many horrible things in my life, I want so badly to do the same for him. An unconditional love. And I believe that if you love someone unconditionally, you should help them and never leave them, just as Jesus has done for us. Any advice would help so much! TIA!
  2. bornagain24


    My boyfriend and I got saved about 6 months ago. When we first got saved it was such a beautiful experience. We both felt so compelled by the spirit to learn more about God and draw close to him. But within the past 2 months or so we have started to back slide. Not reading our bibles, not praying, instead of watching Christian content we’ve started back on watching more of worldly things, giving in to sexual sin, etc. We’ve had dozens of convos of doing better but now he doesn’t seem interested. I’ve recently within the past 2 weeks finally got back to reading the word everyday and trying to stay more persistent with my prayer life, but it seems he is still struggling with finding motivation. He has had issues in the past with sex addiction and women and when we first got saved it really helped him a lot. Both of us really. And now that we’ve started to backslide I’ve recently discovered he has been talking sexually with other girls via text. I’m fearful for him and I want to help deliver him from this, not for my own selfish purpose but because he needs it and needs God more than he needs the world. Please help! I love him very much and don’t want to see him lose that beautiful relationship with god and fall back into this vicious cycle of sin, nor do I. Advice is really appreciated.
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