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  1. Amen! Here we're all brethren through Yeshua (Jesus) our Saviour and Lord.
  2. Thank you ever so much Brother turtletwo. Ok, I will be very glad to talk to you about my home and native country. However you must know that there are two countries caled Congo and I live in the smaller one. the bigger is called democratic republic of Congo in short DRC. Our capital city is Brazzaville while the capital city in DRC is Kinshasa. The reason why the both countries are respectively called Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa.
  3. Thanks dear Sister Willa! This is my real family for Jesus confirms this in Matthew 12:50 (New International Version) - For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”
  4. Thanks a lot Sister Rebecca! And for the blesing I have just to say: AMEN!
  5. Amen! Dear brother Debp, I never left the forum. I only met some technical problems with my username. Sometimes you forgor your own pasword and fater four fails your account is blocked. But I don't know why I cannot login since I had to change my password. they wrote me but never told me if I could retrieve it soi I decided to join again with a new username.
  6. You're welcome dear brother!
  7. Thanks for your reply. But I am still expecting from what will happen about my old username. In fact my old username was not Channey but it was Chang.
  8. Welcome to Worthychat!
  9. Welcome to Worthychat Mandy! I was born in a family of six children. I have got a brother and I am the second born. I know what this means when your parents gets divorced since ours also got divorced while I am at university, I was a freshman. This is a very trustworthy family you have just found and met. Shalom!
  10. Hello to you all! For my old friends, I am Channey. Then I am not a new member here. Unfortunately, I could not sign in as Channey so I had to create a new account. I contacted the support service but I did not get any reply. For all my friends I am sorry for my silence. Ok, my real name is Gautier and my surname is LOUNGENGE. More, my full name is Chancelvy Ney Gautier LOUNGENGE. I live in the republic of Congo that is located in Western Central Africa. French is our official language and, I am a teacher of English but I still have a lot to learn and I need to improve a few things about my English. I am a single and I was never married and, I do not have any children. I would also like to make new friends and brethren. Now I have got a new username I hope that I will keep my username and in case I retrieve my old I should use both of them? I still do not know. Thanks a lot for stopping by here and reading my introduction. Shalom!
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