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  1. Thank you all for you advise and prayers
  2. Can y'all give me scripture that says we cannot be possessed if we have been filled with the holy ghost because I believe I was filled with the holy ghost but my parents and my "old" pasture she also thinks I was possessed a few years after getting the holy ghost. I dont know what to believe tbh I was very delusional and out of it when I had the mental breakdowns and had a time where a whole week or so went by and didnt remember any of it. So if you cant be possessed if you are a Christian and filled with the holy ghost (which I am) is true then y do they think this and y did I go through this they did diagnose me with schizophrenia.
  3. When I was 14 or 15 me and my parents was invited to church it wasn't my first time in church but it was my first in along time in the middle of church I felt led to get up and fo to the alter so I did and I started confessing my sins and I bursted into tears and felt this warm love and lightness like I was floating I felt light as a feather. I didnt speak in tounges or start shaking or anything like that but I knew it was from god.
  4. I was filled with the holy ghost/spirit 7 years ago and it was awesome I had joy peace and I new for certain I was loved by god. After about 2 years I lost all the fruits of the spirit had no joy peace and felt like the holy ghost just left me maybe I greived the holy spirit or maybe he is just quiet but I haven't felt the holy ghost or felt like I even have the holy ghost in years. Since then I've had many mental breakdowns and was told i was demon possessed by my pasture. She tried to deliver me from the demons and said a few have left but I still have 1 left. We've tried multiple times and and she still thinks i have a demon in me. I was told if you have the holy ghost you cant be demon possessed. So that would have to mean if she's rite then I dont have the holy ghost anymore. I was wondering if I would ever get the holy ghost back or if maybe she is wrong and I still have the holy ghost but he's just been quite for years I really dont know and would appreciate some elders advice. Thanks.
  5. I was filled with the holy ghost about 7 years ago and did not speak in tounges. I was praying one night a few months ago and started speaking in tounges and tried to do it again for several weeks afterwards and couldn't seem to do it but, now when I try I can but it's very brief. I was told by my pastor who speaks in tounges that it can come from satan also, so I was wondering how do I know if me speaking in tounges is from the holy ghost/spirit or from satan I dont feel the holy ghost when it happens so I was just wondering.
  6. Hi I was doing a lot of research last night on the holy ghost anyways, out of nowhere I started smelling this sweet smell kind of like bread or corn bread it was pretty late at night and I was just wondering if maybe it was God trying to tell me something or if this was a way of him manifesting himself to me?
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