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  1. Thank you all for your responses! FYI. "Senior" Christian is used in the sense that I'm 60 vs. being a totally "seasoned" Christian. Smile. The insights have spurred me on in Bible study to seek answers. One of the first things your responses helped me to identify, I believe, is that I need not be surprised by the lack of positive response to my efforts from those who don't believe. I am still challenged to continue to offer the same level of love, understanding and acceptance as I offer my fellow believers, if not more. It's easy to love those who love us. Luke 6:32. I'll be posting again some notes on what I'm learning. Meanwhile, thank you again for your thoughts, referrals and encouragement. Indeed, Shalom!
  2. Yes, I am a senior Christian. Oh the sound of that! I'm joining Worthy Ministries with the heart to chat with others like myself and not like myself who have the mutual desire to sharpen each other as we strive to continue to love as He would have us love others. I've been involved in the past with ministries focused on building bridges of understanding and promoting unity. I have been challenged myself lately in this and desire to grow and overcome some hurdles in the art of loving as He loved. Care to join me?
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