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  1. Thank you very much Godismyloveforever! God bless you too.
  2. Hi Justin Adams, thank you for your welcome wishes. This is really great to know that you've learned french! I think french is maybe a little more complicated to learn than english (as we have a lot of tricky conjugation words - even for us french people). You're courageous, bravo
  3. Thanks a lot Tzephanyahu! Yes, this is truely a blessing. I've searched a forum like this one but in french. Unfortunately, I was not able to find one like that. This forum has a lot of different topics (like theology, christian studies, prophecy, christian culture and so on...) and this is really great because we can learn a lot and grow a lot as christians with this forum and with the knowledge shared by all of its members. So, yes, for me, it is a real blessing :).
  4. Thank you Omegaman 3.0 :)!
  5. Hello, I'm Mel and I come from France. I am a believer in our Lord Jesus since more than 8 years now. And I'm glad I've found this christian forum. So nice to meet you all. (hope my english will not be too bad :)).
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