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  1. Today is Sunday, but I will not be going to church today because of God's heartless conduct. Last night, God allowed a monstrous demon to attack me for hours on end before I went to sleep. And in my dreams, the demon tormented me in my sleep. And even worse: God allowed this monster to wake me up at 2:30 in the morning so I would be sleep deprived and couldn't go back to sleep. I would like everyone to pray and ask God to get rid of this demon. Specifically, I want everyone to ask God why he won't get rid of this demon. Originally, he told me he would get rid of it if I quit nicotine and alcohol. I did exactly that, and now God is being a heartless jerk and moving the goalposts even further without telling me what they are.
  2. God is treating me with abject heartlessness. What is God doing that is so heartless? He is engaging in bizarre conduct where he is forcing me to be perfect. If I’m not perfect, he allows Satan and other demons to mutilate my brain, keep me awake throughout the night, assault me, and torture me (please note: I am not here accusing God of using the demons to hurt me to punish me; it's that he is allowing it to happen as a consequence of my sinning). It’s heartless because I cannot possibly be perfect every day or even most days. Sure, I’ve been able to pull it off on some rare occasions, and God got rid of the demons that night, but it was only temporary: the demons returned some time later, and the problem resumed. Please do not argue with me and tell me God isn’t requiring me not to sin. If he wasn’t, why am I experiencing what I am experiencing? I feel like arguing with me is counter productive. Please pray and tell God to quit being so heartless and forcing me to be perfect. Fact is, I’ll never be perfect. This means I’ll be tormented by demons for the rest of my life is God doesn’t change his mind. God’s demands are just too difficult. For example, he wants me to quit nicotine. I’ve quit tobacco and moved on to using nicotine gum until I can get a helper pill to enable me to detox. But God is so heartless that he won’t tolerate me even using nicotine gum until I can get a helper pill to aid me in my detox (which won’t happen until I can see a doctor next July). Why can’t God show compassion and realize that no one is perfect? Why can’t God realize he is being a jerk by making these obscene requests not to sin even once when that isn’t possible? Sometimes, I’ll be perfect on certain days, but God still won’t get rid of the demons because he’ll accuse me of committing a sin that I didn’t even commit in the first place or have no recollection of committing. He’s too hard and harsh on me. Please please please pray that God will end his heartlessness and stop requiring that I never commit any sins as a requirement to be free from demons who torment me.
  3. Thank you everyone for your warm replies. When can I begin posting on the other sections?
  4. Hello everyone! I’m J. Slick. I am creating this thread to introduce myself. I joined this message board community because you people seem like a good group of Christians to correspond with. I like talking religion, so this place seems great for me. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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