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  1. ohso, You can only do your best with the wisdom given to you from the Spirit. I would listen well to whatever your friend’s are asking and stay on the subject without bringing God and religion into it. If they ask you about God then take advantage of the opportunity to share your faith with them. Trust the Spirit to guide you. Be kind and try not to be judgmental in your replies to your friends. You must already be doing something right, since they continue to seek your advice.
  2. Lord Father, please see the strong faith and love of your servant Aimes. She knows you are are in control of all circumstances of her life and I ask that you continue to strengthen her in her loving trust for her life and health. I ask that you be with the Specialist and let her have the knowledge/cure that will facilitate healing over the health issues that she is battling. Thank you Lord, for hearing my request in Jesus name. Amen.
  3. Wayne222, Lord, I ask that Alisa recover her health quickly and fully. Please booster up her immunity so she can fight the flu infection! I also ask that you comfort this family over the loss of their family pet. Lord, you know the special love we have for our family pets and the loss and impact that will be felt by each member. I pray that you comfort and help them through their grief. Thank you Lord in Jesus name. Amen.
  4. Hi Jesus Junkie Welcome to Worthy! May you benefit, share, learn and help others here who share your enthusiasm for our Lord and Savior!
  5. Hi Alive, This is great encouragement for anyone. I remember when I first became a believer all I had to go to for learning and growth was my bible. My family didn't go to church or read the bible and neither did my friends. All I know is that I wanted to get to know the Lord and understand His will for my life and I can He blessed me with understanding when I had none before.
  6. Hi Dee, I like how the woman rejoices in the future, in contrast with being worried or fearful about it. I love reading Proverbs with all it's words of wisdom simply laid out.
  7. Hi Melinda12, It is hard to contemplate family members killing or harming one another but I know it happens frequently. I've seen so many stories featured on the news stations and/or online articles having to do with murders among families. Joseph is a great story in the bible because it show how God uses an evil act and works behind the scenes in Joseph's life to protect him. It gives us encouragement that even when others want to harm us, God has a greater good planned for believers and our own understanding will be enlightened in the end.
  8. lovethelord


    Welcome to Kathy767, I'm glad you joined Worthy. I look forward to learning more about you and seeing your posts.
  9. Lord Father, thank you for listening to all our prayers on behalf of BeauJangles who needs to feel your love, guidance, hope and strength. I ask that you provide exactly what he needs to feel that love and support from family and friends and caregivers. I know you see the heart of your servant and will provide that love and safeguard his heart, mind and health.In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  10. Hi AngellnTraining93, I doubt these men are possessed. Remember, if you are a Christian be a light to others. Also, this verse came to mind after reading your post. We all are sinners and sin in different ways. Luke 18:11, "The Pharissee, standing by himself, prayed thus: 'God, I thank you that I am not like other men, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector."
  11. Hi BeauJangles, I know you reached #50, but I have another to add. Let me add that I absolutely love dogs, however, it bothers me to see people drive with their pets on their laps. I'll tell you why, my aunt has a little dog and drives everywhere with her. Well one day, this little dog jumped off her lap and out the window! Thankfully, the little doggy was okay when my aunt went back for her.
  12. Hi Coliseum, This was interesting info since I didn't know anything about Al Capone except that he was a famous gangster. But God tells us that all our good works won't save us. It's having a regenerated heart lived out in faith and shown by our works. Only God knows if in the end he was a saved man or not.
  13. Welcome Nayoz, I know the feeling, when I first came to the site, I was feeling really low and troubled. The responses I received were amazing and lifted up my heart. Most people here are caring individuals!
  14. Welcome Amigo42, Remember, anyone can call themselves a Christian and still not believe. You can't pick and choose or twist God's word to fit your theology. The Bible seems quite clear in how the earth, man and woman were created. I know there are stories in the bible that some may find hard to believe, but I've found that from rereading and studying the Bible through the years that the stories actually solidified my faith and made it stronger.
  15. Welcome to Worthy Dee! Yes, when you accept Jesus as your Savior, His Spirit lives inside you immediately! In fact we are told that the Spirit is a gift to us from God. The Holy Spirit will help you and guide you in all things. I encourage you to read the Bible so you can know who our God is and how great His love is for you and everyone.
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