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  1. Today I studied Matthew 13 and saw some striking similarities with the between the settings of the crossing over when Israel was coming out of slavery. Firstly, Jesus was near the shore, and as the multitudes came to the shore, he went into a boat so they all can see Him. The multitudes on the shore reminded me of the setting, where the Israel was at the Red Sea, waiting to be free. These people too were waiting to be free. They were looking for something. They needed some sort of fruit. They had failed to keep the law. Jesus' sermon here was one that would "get them across" it would see them go from being a slave to being fruitful. He spoke of the parable of the sower and the seeds. I encourage you to read this parable again. It shows the barriers to us becoming fruitful (cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, lack of understanding, fear etc.) What I like about it is the results of those who bear fruit, the fruit was 100 fold, 60 fold and 30 fold. He taught them how to bear fruit, and what it takes. He revealed to them the power of His Word, and the result of those who retain it regardless of their surroundings.
  2. What a great analogy, this answer was so satisfying (lol best way I can describe it). Growing then would be, always giving God the glory. Putting His Will above yours. Obeying the Word even when it makes you look silly. Never thinking of yourself as better than anybody...anything else?
  3. Another way for promotion is humility. Like it says in the proverbs, pride comes before the fall. Prideful people are cut down. On the flip-side, those who humble themselves before God will be exalted. As Derek Prince would put it "The way up, is down." What are practical steps for humility?
  4. By following the order the bible says for husband and wife: Husbands love your wife. Wife respect your husbands. Respect the order of things i.e. God>husband>wife>children. Wives submit to husband. Husband love the wife, as Christ loves the church, and lay down your life for her. Husbands, remember she is a woman, and will not operate like us. In fact this is a blessing, women bring a different perspective, which is necessary and important (which is why I don't get why women want to be men these days - that's another topic). Men may be the head, but a woman is the neck. She can show you different vantage points, and also can hold you up. He who finds a wife finds a good thing, AND OBTAINS FAVOR. Understand that women come with a blessing attached...favor. As such you should appreciate her in a way pleasing in God's sight. I think anything within the boundaries that God laid out will cause a relationship to prosper. As soon as you step outside then it begins to crumble.
  5. Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. You have been given a host of good ideas to manage this anxiety. I think however most of it was physical in nature. So taking trips, or listening to music only offers your temporary relief. Jesus Christ is able to pull out your problem by it's roots. I want you to know 2 things. Curses are real, and Jesus Christ has the authority to break every curse (Read Galatians 3:13). Appropriate it, and receive your release in Jesus' name. Firstly, renounce all known sin, even ask for forgiveness for the sins of your parents/grand parents. Generational curses are real. Many Christians endure curses instead of walking in God's freedom. He came to give life and give it more abundantly. Above all things He wants us to prosper even as our soul prospers and be in good health. Good health includes your mental health. You have to stand on His Word here. Jesus suffered on the cross to offer you freedom from anxiety. It's already paid for, go and collect it. If you are hungry, and your mother has paid for bread at the store, only for you ti pick it up, will you stay hunger or carry in your receipt? You were paid for by the blood of Jesus. So go and uproot your anxiety by its roots, and be free. Because who the son sets free is free indeed.
  6. Great post! Feelings come and go, but God's Word stands. He is a God of principle, regardless of how we feel His Word stands. He keeps his promises for 1000s of generations, people after us will also benefit from His never failing Word and promises. However, it's okay to acknowledge the way you feel, but never make any actions based on this (unless rooted in scripture). I have a little slogan when things get tough - "Feel it, fix it." I acknowledge I might be sad or upset or discouraged, but I fix it by repeating what God's Word says about me or about any situation. And this is how we "fix it."
  7. He did set this day apart. How do you go about keeping it? Remember when he picked food, healed and saved the animal from the pit on this day? He said it's okay to do good on the Sabbath. If someone has to work to make ends meet, can this be his "picking?" He also mentioned that David went into the temple when he was hungry on the Sabbath and ate the bread there. What do you think constitutes modern day "picking, saving, healing?" I think Jesus is more concerned about the reason why you do things on the Sabbath day, than keeping it out of law. If you have a free day, then of course, it is good to spend it with Him. Also, do you go by days of the week? or do you go by the Jewish day calendar (Friday Sunset to Saturday Night)?
  8. Do you keep the sabbath day?
  9. Really good discussion here. I hear people say this all the time (Don't judge me etc.). I think judgement has different degrees. The one people refer to most, when they get in their feelings, I think is a sort of final judgement, where the conclusion we make about them is final. For example, "You're a thief.." that's final, and implies maybe they won't change. In the end this is for God to decide. As a christian our assessment (judgement) of the same thing should be "you stole, this is not right in God's sight. Let's confess and try to avoid it in the future." Always leave room for grace or changed behavior. As long as someone has breath in their lungs, they can accept Christ, or ask for forgiveness in the very next sentence. So it's good not to write people off, correct them yes, but point them to the cross. That cross will save them from a very harsh judgement to come.
  10. This is very eye-opening and something I'm hearing more and more about in these days. Christ also warned us about it in the parable of the wheat and the tares. Let us ask for the gift of discernment so we may know who these people are whose aim is to sow discord. A great point you brought up is churches that do not preach on sin. I think political correctness is a tool from the enemy to water down or alter the gospel. Only the brave pastors speak the Word as it is, in love, not as a means to hate, but to guide people to the narrow path. If you have a close relationship with your pastor, or work in a church, try to ensure that the body hears about sin, and the cross. We live in a dangerous time, but God has not given us a spirit of fear. He gave us one of power and a strong mind. I pray, any pastors on this forum, will be guided by the Holy Spirit to weed out these divisive workers, and may God grant you the boldness to preach on sin.
  11. Hello and welcome Tony, I am new here myself. I'm sure there are loads of people that you can discuss and find your answers. The bible says if you seek, you will find. You will find The Answer, I look forward to your interactions and perspectives, and hope the body of Christ can give you the answers you are searching for. Welcome!
  12. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I just cycled through the different forums and there is a vast number of topics being discussed. I hope to learn from the people here as well as contribute to their learning as well. Let us build each other up, in Jesus; name.
  13. Hello everyone, I’m really happy to join this community. I hope to learn and contribute to others’ learning as well. I grew up in a Christian home more or less, but really started taking Christ seriously around 2016. I’m in my 30s now and a retired professional soccer player. I had a career ending injury, and was told I would never play again. I called on God and asked Him to heal me, because he made my body. He did. I played for 1 year after that, and then the desire to play was gone. My desire is for Christ. I still work in the game as a fitness coach and I’m now in China. Christians are heavily persecuted here, but by God’s Grace I will find a church soon. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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