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  1. Praying for you, Tun Lin. I hope things are well with you.
  2. soldiers (Oops, just noticed I skipped a whole page earlier- )
  3. blackberries (but black current tea, Heath and Heather brand to be exact, @ladypeartree) Tea- Earl Grey or English Breakfast
  4. Make me . . . Well, okay since you asked nicely, but I was planning to say alto. three
  5. Jubilea


    Praise God for your progress, (Elijah). Like @ladypeartree said, you are an inspiration to us. You also lift us up with your great sense of humor. I hope you were able to glue Keirian aka fine china back together after you fell on him
  6. Agreeing with @(Elijah) in prayer that God will bring you to exactly the right job. Interesting that I was just getting ready to type "God is faithful" when @dailyprayerwarrior posted ahead of me and has it in his/her post. I believe He has you covered, Isaiah53
  7. I'm still praying here, too, Brother Plavious. Do update us as you can. We're standing with you.
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