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  1. Experientially the soul seems to be that state of mind when you yourself are gone, meaning your ego, socialy conditioned persona and all that. When you remove yourself from all lusts of the flesh for material objects and so on, then what is left? A kind of nothingness that yearns for nothing but light Sometimes it can take a lot of suffering, sickness, depression, spiritual problem etc ... to see the soul, and when you see that soul you see that it is the soul of all men and women- it is what is behind all of it, unless you are soulless that is. But do we want this state to be immortal? no, certainly not, cause it is not perfection. We often use the words "lost soul" and so on. The soul seeks God, and actually wants to get rid of itself. But one gotta connect to the soul to initiate any true search and yearning for God. That is the burning away of the social conditioned persona and ego, it is not pleasant.
  2. I don't like the idea of a soul simply cause it is something to cling on. We say "I have a immortal soul". It's very easy to say that, you see it in new age thinking and so on. Something immortal that is "mine" to cling to. "Go out with a bang, not a whimper."
  3. Maybe they deserve PTSD. After all they are making mindless entertainment for the young people to get hooked on. I am not saying all games are bad, far from it. But many are. They are just mindless entertainmet. It gets people to believe that everything is just entertainment and shuts of part of that part of the brain that is needed for religious/spiritual understanding. To understand the Bible you need imagination, you need to have a free imagination. So you can see its realities, not as words, but in your life. I feel very sorry for those who have had their imagination so toyed with that they just see everything as entertainment, to break out of it burns like hell.
  4. We are on the same page. What you wrote, and what the imaginative conjectures suggests is the same thing. It suggests the same kind of proecess, and doing. To turn, serve, and wait.
  5. This post is going to seem a little weird, it is ment to, but bear with me. Here shall we live in this terrible town Where the price for our minds shall squeeze them tight like a fist And the walls shall have eyes And the doors shall have ears But we'll dance in their dark And they'll play with our lives Like a Slow Burn Leading us on and on and on Like a Slow Burn Turning us round and round and round Hark who are we So small in times such as these Slow Burn Slow Burn -------------------- Black eyed ravens They spiral down They tilt his head back To the flame filled sunset Raise their guns high As the darken falls These are the days boys Shallow man Shallow man... and they Eats in the doorway With his head inclined And he's always in decline No-one heals anymore So he shrinks as they ride Under vermillion sky So it goes Just a searcher A lonely soul The last of the dreamers Shallow man Shallow man Speaks to the shadows Moves his trembling hands And he's always a little late For the dawning of the day So it goes Just a searcher Lonely soul The last of the dreamers ----------------- The shallow men of today eats in the doorways, and speaks to the shadows - your shadows. The serpent is both inside and outside, the phenomena is everywhere and in all times in western culture. Psychiatry etc. is one part of the serpent. The burning that needs to occur to free the mind from societies controll gets diagnosed, labeled as a mental sickness. It is not - it is the fear of God manifesting itself, which is the burning away of controll mechanisms. So that you can come face to face with the serpent in yourself and in your culture. The serpent is a controll mechanism, that makes sheeps and puts them into hiarchial structures. Its main weapon is speech. So then, the shallow men that is everywhere today eats in the doorways. Twists truth, and prevent this process of feeling the fear of God and the burning that follows, if you accept it and don't freak out and seek a psychiatrist or drugs, or whatever society offers.
  6. " It is how Satan drags you in to the pig pen of wrestling over words, where he is the master, " No I am right, No I am right, No you are wrong, No you are, I am right, You are, No I am not, You are right, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, No, Yes Yes ... I say "ok", it's not that important anyways.
  7. And it makes very much sense. Cause else it would be the people of high intellect with mountains of knowledge that understood it. The way we think today in our modern society - intellect trumps all. No, the most valuable and simple - yet difficult - teaching, might be worded by that kind hairdresser on the street corner.
  8. It is the simplest teaching, yet the most difficult to understand. Maybe cause we are always looking in the wrong place for it.
  9. Yes, the death of the seeker who seeks. So one can come with nothing and be born again. It's a matter of heart isn't it?
  10. I concur. Cause who is it that works for salvation? it's the self. But the Saviour saves oneself from oneself. He saves you from the works of salvation, salvation is already here. "Come to Jesus with nothing and ask for Him alone and receive everything". As I understand this, one cannot come to Jesus with oneself and ask for oneself to be salvated. That would not be to be saved from oneself. Come with nothing ...
  11. If we look at confession from an inner perspective: when we confess isn't it to be truthful towards ourselfes? we admit to ourselves our faults. So when confessing, we say: I have sinned, and also I am this sin. Since we ourselfes are the sin, we oursefles cannot help ourselfes, but we are honest. We don't hide it under the carpet. So it is like saying: I know that I am tainted and I admit it. So then we come to the position of "there is nothing I myself can do about it, cause I am already it". In this moment we open oursefles to recieve divine guidance - to be saved from ourselfes. And one would not say that "I saved myself" cause you cannot, but that Jesus did. This is at least how I can say it works for me experiential.
  12. Today honesty, and a real, umovable trust and knowing of the reality of God, seems to really scare people. I think that most people as long as they have some heart, can sense this light even when they can just barely get a glimpse of it. Imagine if you had been in a cave all your life, never seeing the light of day outside, and then a suddenly tiny speck of light of light hits your eye, and then dissapear. The light blinds the eye cause the eye has not gotten used to seeing the light. To walk out of the cave would mean to walk blinded at first, with no sense of direction - the world that you believed to be real is gone, and you cannot trust in yourself to understand what is happening. It is a lot easier to just forget the speck of light, remove onself from the situation, go back to the old ways and choose to not see.
  13. In Europe, and it is propably the same way in the US, the young people ... especially the generation of say about 10-18 years. Seems to really, really have lost their way. They have no respect for anything or anyone, some of them are like vampires. I was sitting in a buss behind a gang four or five 12-14 year olds. They were spitting on seats and being like wild animals. I asked them to behave, then they attacked me verbally. I just stared the biggest bully of them in the eyes for a good 5 minutes until they shut their mouth. Then, when i left the buss, I was quite saddened by how many kids these days have turned into, well ... little devils. These kids seemed totally lost. What would you do in this situation, get angry and confront them verbally, just leave, or do as I did - just stare them in the eyes?
  14. And yes, those medications they are given today, do not fix the problem. It only masks them, makes it possible to just get by in a sick culture. The biggest problem I see today is all the narcissism, todays generation are 2.5 times more narcissistic than the me-generation, this is very sad. But I see a way out of it, and it is written in the Bible " “I am the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come " This has been psychologicaly reversed to. "I was, I am, I am to come" In loosing the touch with something holier than ourselves, we ourselves have become our most holy object. That is narcissism: thinking "me, me, me". This is a perverse way of thinking, and it blocks the spirit. There is no room for godliness in a mind that only thinks of itself.
  15. I myself grew up in the 90's, went to a public school in Europe. The decadent massculture damaged me quite a bit, I became a recluse. Now I see why Then five years ago i started studying language and litterature, read quite a bit of Christian litterature as well, and slowly bit by bit, I started to see the source of my problems, in the language, it is not a nice sight to see how deep it goes. I dont have kids, but if I get kids, Oh my. I would do as you have done as well. And hopefully this gives them some kind of immunity to our sick culture.
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