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  1. Let me guess: they had become righteous and believed things for certain that they could not proof. Next they wanted to build a group of enlightened people that want to save the world... I don’t know think that people give up atheism because they have become sick and have a primitive fear of death. When death is approaching than time stops in a certain sense and this somehow allows people to feel instead of just think about their life. Once their own thoughts are not so loud anymore, (because they don’t matter for much longer) they don’t over-scream the message of their heart anymore. But we are a bit of of-topic
  2. I agree with you that a lack of empathy does not excuse evil in front of god, but we are not god. We shall not judge because we unlike god don‘t know how much evil comes out of the circumstances of a person and how much out of himself. Some Psychopaths are Psychopaths by birth it is said so this is the argument that they have no choice. And maybe it is really harder for them to avoid sin by nature than for others (evil out of circumstances). But as a child I saw a movie in which a man was accused of murder because one saw him burry a corpse. The police dug it up and found it was just a dog believing the guy was innocent. Later they dug deeper and found a human corpse (fictional story). What I want to say with this example is: just because nature gave one a certain predisposition for evil this does not mean that more evil does not can come out of oneself and out of free choice. The Realisation that only god can free my soul from evil is one of the most important to me. I don’t want to play the expert here in theology or science, but I guess that this is the problem (one corpse hiding the other) when science wants to explain evil away by making pictures of the psychopaths brain.
  3. So there is some small chance that we have met somewhere My father was in world war two as a child soldier and he immediately got a saxophone to play US music after the US army ended the Nazi madness. Of course atheists can be saved I was myself one. What I mean here is a person which combines two things beeing an atheist AND beeing psychopathic. Search „iceman“ on YouTube as an example. I do not know if atheism increases one’s psychopathic traits or people with psychopathic traits are attracted to atheism but they are more common there, they love it to hurt the feelings of others and they can seriously hurt you if you try to convert them.
  4. I see you are wise Thanks god to give me some empathy and understanding from someone of the other side of the globe. May god bless you and bring us to a better place soon.
  5. So you have a hard skin and think that beeing a snowflake is an insult? Well frankly I have decided that beeing a snowflake (in the sense that I have a lot of emotions) is a honour, that I want to be together with those which are soft and vulnerable, with those that can not master their logic completely because they have a lot of emotions (see the study as to the reasons why) in short those that are like those children that let heaven be donated to them, instead of thinking they can gain it by some kind of religious - intelectual conquest against other people. To not fuel the intelectual contest between us two further (which I admitedly started) I will let you write one response against me, and than won't respond myself anymore in the hope that this will bring peace. May god bless you.
  6. Let me at first say, that I respect your desire to defend the bible in all parts, as it is a honest desire, and I now see that in the past I was to knit-picky about logical parts of an argument where I should have looked at the emotion and the heart of whom I was discussing with instead. The bible anyway says that knowledge is vain. But keeping that vanity-roblem in mind let me defend what I mean by evidence for propaganda: Its not that entire parts of the bible are fake but the selective translations of terms like terms that mean grave in the Thora or Jesus punishment "kolasis" into the term hell meaning pool of fire, eternal torment, like in egyptian thinking. That the revelation - the main source ofthe concept of the firy hell - is true is now doupted by many theologans and if I remeber it right, orthodox bibles usually did not include it from the start. Furthermore the catholic church enganged into major book burnings. St. Gerome who did the translation in 383 of the books into Latin extensively complained in letters of how many compromosises in theological exactness he had to made to saitisfy the pope who comissioned him. He complained as well on the low quality of previous translation. He wanted to use instead an evangelium in arameic for some parts because he hoped it would not be be prone to translation errors and hence closer to the truth. He was not allowed to use it and it got "lost" by the church (only fragments can be traced). The number of times St. Gerome changed the translations he worked on during the process of translation is above 3000. I humbly have the impression from what I have learned so fare that St. Gerome was a serious hardworking "nerdy" sholar and believer - but it sounded like the pope drove him almost nuts.
  7. Especially the last sentence is not fare from what I mean: If you have no empathy you usually have no desire for an universal moral and a god who demands an universal moral could only scare you. And can you understand and value Jesus sacrifice if you are a person whithout empathy? If you can't understand what Jesus did for us, can you love him? If you can not love him can you than become a Christian? This are no easy questions, I don t expect an answer because I don't know it myslelf. But my instinct would be that it could be difficult to be accepted by Jesus under this conditions. Psychopathy is not defined as a health problem yet, but as a personality disorder. Someone who has a psychical illness suffer from it, but the psychopath does not suffer from his disorder, it is the others that do
  8. I pray for god saving my enemies, even those I suspect to be psychopathic. But in this prayers I as well tell him that I know it is over my skills to do this myself (which is why I ask his help) and that he shall forgive me this imperfection.
  9. Thanks for your nice advice, but I already got serious harmed and most of my family too :( The damage such a person does, and even without regards to the fate of childrens is enormous. I am happy that you want to help me, even if you do noz agree with me in everything. If we would all agree on everything the world would be lame There might be some dimm light left in a psychopath that thinks he believes in god (in contrast to those that know they are faking their believe). But it is extremely dimm (I read the self confession of a psychopath who believed in god but as his equal. Hint: god is unimaginable bigger and smarter than us). But considering the enormous potential of getting hurt when trying to save this strange soul, and that this really does not sound like the god of the bible, as you said ...
  10. As a word of warning: I am a German Christian, I do believe that some parts of the bible are propaganda by the catholic church (and that without gods direct help we will not be able to fully see through which) and some of you might hence not consider me a true Christian at all. (trigger warning): I in return would consider them to do a disservice to god by using dogmatic and absolutist interpretations of this religion (god's own country sounds like the idea of a narcicist with a big grandiosity problem frankly) Now that I angered half (?) of the forum back to the atheist: I will repeat my idea that some people can not be converted (or easily convert to atheism) because they have psychopathic traits. Now psychopathy might be just science names for the devil, but I have no problem switching between the two concepts. The relation between "pseudopsychopathy" - or the devil - and atheism is now SCIENTIFICALLY confirmed (ROFL): https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0149989 Hence: Always when someone asks you "But what is the benefit of beeing a Christian" you should be susbicious. This typ of atheist is very likely not trying to search god and never will honestly - but has the sole purpose of weakening your faith as an intelectual gaim. Because the question is a trap: beeing a Christian is not about hedonistic benefits it's about a desire to find a higher justice for the suffering of this world and all the people in it. If you have no strong such desire for higher justice for others because you have no strong empathy you will not stand the trials of god. One of this trials could very well be the historical fakes in the bible that can lead you into logical contradictions, make loose intelectual discussions with atheists and so on. But there you have it: Analyitical, emotionless people like those described in the article do not have very strong fears but one of there strongest fears is to look ridiculous in an intelectual discussion. They always have to be right. So at least I seem to discover a larger plan here: even that some thing seems to be contradictionary and naiv in the bible it prevents people from seeking him for the wrong reasons (personal hedonistic advantage instead of peace and justice for all humanity). That said in a country where the majority is still Christian faking Christian believes or at least living it to shallow bring advantages in the form of business connections, political connections and so on. There are hence a lot of psychopathic people in our rows. Let this people leave when they say the see no logic and hence advantage in god. If god wants them to come back god will lead them. But there are a still a lot of good empathic people in the camp of the atheists that thinks atheism is about saving humanity. Cite the study (atheist love scientific studies) and simply ask them if they may have been presented a simplified version of who is good and evil and how this relates to atheism. Than let them think and explain their ideas without judging. If they still remain unconvinced point them to the following fact: Science has made enormous progress, atheism claims that atheism is what really drives this progress but even if that would be true (I doubt it) almost any progress can be used as arm. Nuclear science was first used for building arms than for energy generation as I remember it. Biotechnology is used to heal almost any illness now but at the same time it steadily increases our knowledge how to build bioweapons. Now ask him or her: Can scientific progress really transfer into lastingly human progress if there is no progress in ethics? If the atheists now says but humanism is the most progressed ethics I would answer: Maybe it was at some of the most darkest moments in mankinds history. But look at today: how can a group of people who on average has a lower interest in moral and a lower empathy build and maintain a moral for a world that gets ever more dangerous every day passing? Than it is best to go away and let that sink in for a while. Because people like to sidetrack themselves about the really imoprtant questions. And you don't want that: you want your discussion partner to stay focused on the last question.
  11. I like the moral influence theory of atonment as for example proposed by Abelard. But if Jesus does change nothing in us and hence in our behaviour than what did his moral example served for? Jesus was very clear that we are saved by our deeds, it seems to be more Paulus that thinks that we can be saved by believe only. And in what do we believe, and can we call it Jesus, if it does not change us? I hope that the story of Jesus is like a spark that grows in me and can save me, althaugh it will take time. Because we are all born evil, we do for the most time not even understand, what truly would be good and hence only a holy miracle can save us from faulty reasoning and faulty deeds. Since our logic is in reality poor poison (we use it mostly to build alliances and than uses this alliances to supress or outcompete others) our logic can not lead us to god, but only love. I love Jesus and I agree with Mother Theresa: Jesus can be found and loved in every suffering person.
  12. Nothing I think is fool proof because I am a human. But this does not mean that I will stop thinking altogether. It has been shown that true psychopaths mainly think about money, erotics and food. Or in other words: they think purely materialistic. Materialism does not give you the prequesits to enter a religion, but in the most superficial of ways. I stand firm on that opinion, you can’t change my mind. God might still know a way to save them but I don’t. Think of it this way: if you believe you are capable of evangelizing a demon - does that not show that you lack humility? And when you give energy and time into this project - how much time do you have left to help those that are true seekers? This man gave me shudders and that might already have been the direct wisdom from god you ask for. Frankly I have made up my mind and I guess that I will keep mostly out of evangelizing directly in the future. I never was impressed as an atheist by the words of Christians on their own, I was impressed by the example they gave in their life. I hence rather want to live in poverty and help others -and helping others includes warning others of narcissism wherever I can.
  13. But if you fitted my injustice atheist (the highly empathic atheist that feels so strong about injustice) you realize that I predicted that you would become the better Christian and more easier convert ? I am well able to stand my argument even if the threat is against me: narcicism is a major barrier against believe. Narcicism blends over into psychopathy seemlessly so you have the people here which already have the longest registry of sins. This in itself does not preclude becoming a Christian as Jesus loves the lost sheep. But the size of thinking error they have to addmit is larger than those that have commited few sin. If you are person that learns eagerly and a humile person you can achieve addmitting such thinking errors, but that is not the charisterics of a narcicist. They can not addmit thinking errors - not even in front of themselves - because they see themselves always and in all areas of life as more smart than others. But an atheist to convert would for a moment have to understand and addmitt that he has been an idiot in the most important area of life. He has to realize that there at least a billion people who where smarter than him in the god question. I had this moment and believe me it felt amazing The king of the world and propably smartest person alive (that is the image narcicist have about themselves) simply will not consider the option that he has been an idiot for even a second.
  14. I understand what you mean with new age believer. But this guy was really ardent that he does NOT believe and that he IS god. If you run into mentally ill people in contrast they believe that the supernatural exist and that they are god. Because mental illness is mentall illness I would not blame that on him; to the contrary he or she is suffering in reality and deserving kindness. But narcicism - the believe that you are like god king over all humans is rising. And as you see it has nothing to do with beeing religious. The more superficial and the more distorted our society becomes the more openly this people will present themselves. Talk in itself did not convince me but talk from people who did live in Jesus style humility and where charitable had a large influence. So propably evangelizing might be more about giving a good example.
  15. This is not about knowledge anymore but about power. If Dawkins gets hold of the American wealth he will destroy the religions or cause the Third World War. I would recommend you the Christian philosopher Hegel. He saw very clearly that History moves in Phase of creativity and degradation and that this is part of gods plan because in a sense life is movement. So while the US had great moments in terms of protecting Christianity (and thanks for saving me from the Nazi) this does not mean that it can not degrade into something dangerous for Christians in the future - especially if you focus on wealth generation so much. I just gave you a scenario how that could work. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fqph.fs.quoracdn.net%2Fmain-qimg-1997966d7730d3e3fc57d0b8a9879bba.webp&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.quora.com%2FWhat-is-the-growth-rate-of-the-atheist-population-in-the-world-right-now&docid=zzAEc5akvIzgaM&tbnid=zXWaI_3VYozJDM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiz-a7ykNfkAhXpxaYKHUBZDAQQMwhBKAAwAA..i&w=481&h=348&client=firefox-b-d&bih=1064&biw=1920&q=atheism usa statistics over time&ved=0ahUKEwiz-a7ykNfkAhXpxaYKHUBZDAQQMwhBKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8
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