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  1. You are missing the point. Jesus plainly says that any sexual sin is worse than than stealing your neighbors hedge shears. Because you willingly involve someone else in your sin. You can sleep with your neighbors wife. That is a much worse sin than stealing that same neighbor's hedge shears because you have defiled yourself, and your neighbor's wife through your act of using her, sexually. The theft of the hedge shears can debase no one but you. The sins you are fixated on anger God extremely, but they are not the only ones He abhors. He also abhors sins that people repeatedly fail to speak out about beyond abortion and homosexuality.
  2. And who does that labeling actually harm? You? Or the people doing the labeling. They brand you as a homophobe because you do not accept their amoral position. Who pays the price in the Hereafter? Them, or you? I find your choice of a handle offensive because you are not John the Baptist.
  3. Based on what kind of reality? America, as a nation was founded on the basic premise of "no taxation without representation." Our taxes fund Planned Parenthood, Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing, Affirmative Action, Illegal Aliens, and all manner of things that God finds reprehensible. And all without representation from our government because they do not seek the opinion and wishes of the voting public before they institute these things. Can you explain to me why that is acceptable?
  4. I know one thing it can't do: Help any tax payer. Because the only way this could be done is to raise taxes. The government never gives anyone anything. There is always a cost.
  5. Richard Rohr is all kinds of messed-up. He is a Big-Time supporter of Soulforce which is a militant homosexual group in support of the LGBTQ movement. Brian McLaren is a guru of the Emergent Church, so no one who claims to be an orthodox Christian should be reading anything he writes, unless it is with the sole intention of using it in engaging in Apologetics to refute what he teaches..
  6. Anything that is sin is vileness. You cannot narrow it down to two things. If you only speak out against 2 sins and fail to speak out against others, that, in and of itself is vileness.
  7. As someone already asked, and you never answered the question: Where does the money come from?
  8. Exegesis


    Thank you for all the welcomes.
  9. Exegesis


    Starting threads is not one of my prime motivations. Replying to, adding to and participating in ongoing threads, yes. Starting new threads, no. Today's idea of exegesis is re-working the Bible to fit into New Age, secular society's and personal dogmas which impose pre-conceived ideas and beliefs onto the text. That is not the true function of exegesis.
  10. Exegesis


    Thank you. I figured it out, but it took me a while.
  11. Exegesis


    I have been to a couple of other forums which were not particularly friendly. In the past few years my interests have focused on the areas of Apologetics and Polemics, as well as Eschatology. Can someone tell me how to change my profile picture?
  12. Exegesis


    I am fairly sure that I am a human. I am a Christian as well, and that is why I joined here.
  13. Exegesis


    A play on words? I am unclear as to why every post has to be approved by someone. Is this normal for a Christian forum?
  14. Exegesis


    Thank you for your welcome.
  15. Exegesis


    I am confused by the "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" prompt. Will every post I make need to be approved by someone? If so, why? This would seem to be a somewhat un-trusting approach.
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