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  1. Greetings! I'm a newbie as you can see. I registered here to interact with other brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world. By the way, how can I reply to others in the mobile version of the site? God bless you all <3
  2. Greetings, I'm new here. As you may already know if you've read the title, my doubt is: is God telling me I can't listen to rock music? I already had wonder if rock music is inherently sinful or not before, so I already had investigated about the subject and had already prayed to the Lord for answers, and I had got to the conclusion that it's not sinful only if the song doesn't glorify sin, therefore that doubt has faded away that time. I want to point out that in the moment I had this doubt (before it rose again) I had abstained from listening to rock music. But now that doubt rose again (as I said before) because in short, after that doubt had faded, and I began to listen to rock music again, my health started to worsen forma a while (today I'm fine, thank God). Maybe it's just a coincidence. But I'm not so sure about that. So, since that time, the doubt rose again and I started to ask to myself "and if this is happening to me because listening to rock music is a sin and God is warning me...?" so, I started to ask God again to reveal me if this was happening to me because rock music is inherently sinful (regardless of whether it's christian or not). I asked Him this question several times. Sometimes I felt an ache after asking Him this question (maybe this is just a coincidence too). I felt a soft headache after I listened to a christian rock music yesterday at night. (Maybe this is a coincidence too and there's nothing wrong with that song. It doesn't has sinful lyrics). Sometimes when, after asking Him [this question] again, I requested Him to answer me throught Scripture's passages, and next opened up the Bible at a random page and read the passage (or just a portion of it) that my eyes first find. Sometimes I would find passages related to worship (e.g. Psalm 105); sometimes others related to repetance and God's mercy; and sometimes others related to happiness. I'm not even 100% sure if God was really speaking to me throught the words of these passages. Honestly, I'm confused. I really like rock music and I don't listen to rock music that have an anti-Christian message. But, I don't want to offend the Lord if listening to that kind of music is a sin. But, if it's not a sin and God wasn't telling me it's sinful, I would not want to avoid this music I like to listen thinking it's a sin to listen to it when it would be not (if it's not sinful) So, is God telling me I can't listen to it? Or maybe this happened to me for other reasons (maybe He just wanted to test me...?) and He never told me that? And, a question to those christians who likes to listen to rock music too: have you gone through what happened to me? Or by a similar case? By the way, if some things I've said are almost unintelligible, it's because I don't handle a professional english. Sorry if that's the case. Spanish's my native language. God bless you all.
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