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  1. I never once claimed to be great - I'm a miserable sinner with many faults. If you read what I had said however you'd see I was referring to what my unsaved daughter called the girl. Thanks
  2. Hmmm what if you've known your calling for 30 years and see no prospect of it ever being fulfilled for one reason or another?
  3. On the subject of attire.... lest I sound like a legalistic old has been no you're not the only one to notice it. ..previous church the pastors daughter was regularly at the front of the church sharing....which was great except for the skin tight leggings that left nothing to the imagination in terms of a full frontal view. Even my unsaved daughter knew better than to dress like that....in her own words "an easy slut" lol. ...recently it seems to be clothing that clearly shows underwear, usually white on black and usually a G string. By no means am I a predator or pervert but I honestly shouldn't be having to look at the ceiling for fear of temptation when my wife's standing beside me. Modesty must have gone out the window along with Windows XP. Am I the only charismatic that detests Hillsong, sloppy kisses from heaven and longs for hymns and decency?
  4. How did he go about it? Was he just disillusioned or felt a definite calling?
  5. Sadly my friend we've tried a number of "modern" churches near where we live, and it follows the same pattern. Entertainment, little of the word, give us your money and cya later I have joked for years about starting my own fellowship, the number of people who've said to me "you'd make a great pastor" out of the blue makes me think sometimes....
  6. So wife and I tried a different church Sunday past, It seemed to be the same old same old.... The "band" were warming up and even then the volume of the drum kit was insane......every snare hit was like a shotgun going off beside me and the cymbals were literally painful. It was the usual 30 minutes of pain and assault on the eardrums - the same 2-3 songs were repeated ad nauseum. At one point I was about to go out and sit in the car but then thankfully it was over. Then came the word, which was so turned down I could hardly hear it. Then another 20 minutes of aural assault before it was time to go home. I was bored throughout....it was either audible pain and repetition or struggling to hear. Couldn't help but think that it was like a school room environment only louder and was this REALLY what Christ envisaged church life to be like? I can't believe I'm the only person looking for a supposed NT church that comes away thinking "what a waste of time that was"....or am I missing something. I somehow doubt the persecuted Christians in China would look at this and think "Wow that's amazing!".
  7. Interesting replies! I firmly believe there are separate, distinct and unique persons in the God we worship. What that means doctrinally I have no idea. I think "God" is so "other" that it will take an eternity of revelation to work it out. What does a human being mean to an insect? Kind of my view. I accept the concept fully and think it is one of the most important foundational truths but I can't get my head around it....
  8. As the title says - interested to hear other's views. My lovely wife and I had an interesting discussion about this last night. What's your views? Do you know your calling? How did you work it out or have it confirmed? Blessings
  9. Hi thanks for the welcomes! I always hate those "lets go round the room and tell each other about yourself" in those "workshop" type events
  10. PS - the instructions say to post in this forum only for membership approval, which I've done, but in the meantime get involved in real time chat....which is broken every time I click the link. Whilst I await some sort of approval to my initial introduction I am unable to respond to any other threads? Am I missing something? Cheers
  11. Hello, I'm here and I'm me. Not sure what to post - 50 something, married, spirit filled, post-tribulation position etc., Cheers
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