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  1. What was John The Baptist wearing again? I think Christ is concerned with the heart. That said, I do think it’s good to be mindful of what you are wearing in church so that you are not distracting those who are there to worship God.
  2. Loneliness is not good. Volunteer at as many places as you can and build healthy relationships with good people. You may meet a guy directly or meet someone who introduces you to a good guy. Also wanted to add that there are part-time jobs with the public where you can meet a lot of people. You have to be proactive and get out there. And follow your female intuition.
  3. What’s wrong with looking for sympathy and receiving comfort? I only ask because I hear my 13 yr. old daughter’s friends always claiming that someone in their class “just wants attention” and I never understood why it’s so hard to give people what they want/need. You never know what someone is going through and how neglected they may have been in their lives.
  4. If they did blood work and ruled out anemia and other things, then it’s probably stress. When my hair thinned after pregnancy, I drank tons of carrot juice(which is high in biotin) and my skin, hair and nails improved. I’m sorry I don’t have any better advice, but carrot juice has been a miracle for me.
  5. That’s good! Hopefully it is rare. I think Baptists can be very, very passionate about some views, to the point where they let it cause divisions.
  6. it is one thing to say you don't know who someone is it is another to saying things like "are they of any importance or relevance" you are being rude. When I read his post, it didn’t come across as rude.For me personally, I had the same reaction. Why would any Christian care about the negative opinions of people they don’t know, unless they are in positions of power? There’s millions of people with millions of opinions. I think his post was just a knee jerk reaction that a lot of Christians would have. He was just wanting to know why we should care what these particular people are saying.
  7. For me, my thought-life needs to improve. A lot. I pray about it and then go back to thinking the same things. I need to look that verse up in Philippians(I think) and meditate on it. Thanks for this post and the reminder!
  8. I have often wondered why some churches continue on with Bible Studies when it sometimes tears people apart. I have actually known Baptist churches that have split apart because of disagreements in Bible Study. People loved the pastor, sermons, events etc., but would fight during Bible Study. I wonder why some churches don’t believe that quiet personal study at home is sufficient if it means keeping the church together.
  9. I’m just wondering why you believe people “misunderstand” this when the Holy Spirit teaches us everything we need to know about God's Love and His desire for us to love others? Christ also repeats his commandment to love many times between John 14 and 15. And His Prayer in John 17 is that we will know how much the Father loves us. If Christ is praying that we will know God’s love, I’m sure His prayers were answered.
  10. I’ve heard this all my life but never understood it because Satan was going into God’s presence, and Christ was God walking among imperfect humans.
  11. I purchased it.🙂 Will leave you a review after I’m done reading it. i saw that you said you had six sisters, but Petra was the pretty one. Did you get in trouble for that? Lol
  12. It has a significant effect even on people who are not going through PTSD or any other emotional disorder. A close friend of mine is a therapist(if you ever want me to ask her any questions about your symptoms, let me know.) and says she worries about her clients in the Winter and the possibility of them committing suicide. She has to be very vigilant with them in Winter. I don’t know if you are in a state or country that has daylight savings time, but I know many people that fall into a deep depression right after the time change. I’m so glad that you found comfort today in the many replies here! ❤️ And your posts are a true blessing to me. Will continue praying for you and the lady you care for.
  13. Never thought about this before, but if it is what you say it is, I don’t see a problem with celebrating it if it makes one feel closer and more committed to Christ. The goal for a Christian, in my opinion, is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ, that is what shapes our life. If celebrating Advent helps with that, then why not?
  14. Hi Dusty, I’m sorry I’m not familiar with your situation, but when you say “lady” are you talking about your wife? If so, I would tell her that your PTSD has been triggered. I understand not wanting to burden her with it, but in the end it will help you. Do you know what makes you feel better? Some people need to avoid triggers and not talk about the pain that caused the PTSD, and some need to talk about it over and over again. If you are someone that experiences a bit of healing from talking about it, then you should tell her that you’re experiencing pain again and need someone to listen. Don’t pass the pain unto others by committing suicide. I also think the PTSD will always be there to a certain degree but it can lessen overtime. I know what you mean by thinking it was over but then it comes back. Try to keep track of it to see if something is triggering it. I think this episode will pass. You have to be proactive and find ways to distract yourself with things(learn some coping skills) that make you happy while also talking to others when it rears it’s ugly head. I will be praying for you. p.s. I know a lot of people get worse in the Winter so I wonder if that’s why it’s coming back now.
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