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  1. Not sure why you're shunning the Midwest on your speaking tour. We really need some inspiration here! I was so embarrassed that Illinois made news for running out of cannabis after only one week of it being legal.
  2. This made me laugh! I did sound kind of prideful or narcissistic or some other term I can’t think of. 🙂 Yeah when you’re a mother and everything seems to revolve around your kids, you can have a moment where you say “Gosh Darn It, I’m going to do something for myself!” It’s funny how my daughter and husband know all about Worthy now and will ask me what Worthy thinks about a certain topic. 🙂
  3. I was tickled by what you said about ESPN. You should hear sports radio. I credit sports with keeping me out of trouble. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was addicted to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. While other college kids were out partying, I was bonding with my brothers and watching sports and staying up all night watching ESPN. A male in my family said football helped him break his addiction from pornography, he needed to focus that energy somewhere else. Aren’t there games or bloodsports mentioned in the Bible? I think if sports is a healthy way to bond with people and to have a healthy habit, it’s great. When you want to kill the members of the team that beat your team, then it’s an idol.
  4. It’s 100% about me. And I’m so happy to admit this because there is a teaching in some churches that Christianity is all about other people and not ourselves. I can’t love anyone if I don’t invest in my own spiritual health first. And if I’m trying to love people while neglecting myself, I’ll just end up disappointing them and will lose my flavor and become worthless. It is about me.
  5. Maybe someone has said this-I stopped reading at your post, but just wanted to say that I’m 44 years old and I have NEVER seen an “ugly” person.I don’t think such a thing exist.
  6. Yep. Women get very easily emotionally attached. Everyone knows and accepts a man’s needs, but a woman is called crazy for wanting her emotional needs met. I can’t imagine dating in this generation. I worry about my kids when they get older. You will get over this. And in the future, ask God to help you guard over your heart and not give it to anyone who is going to trample over it.
  7. I’m glad you prayed for your grandmother and she was healed. In Scripture it seemed that everyone who came to Christ was healed. There was nothing said about getting rid of sin first, unless I missed something. “Ask and you shall receive” didn’t come with any conditions; although it’s understood that you are praying to receive something that is not contrary to God’s word.
  8. I caused a three car wreck about eighteen months ago. I was on my way to meet with someone I didn’t want to meet with and had a lot of anxiety. I slammed into the back of a car and that car ran into the back of the car in front of it.The lady I hit directly rushed out to make sure I was okay, even though her car was totaled. The insurance company said I was blessed that no one was claiming to have any injuries. And the cop that showed up on the scene during a very hot day let me sit in his air conditioned car until my husband got there. My two young sons were in the backseat crying and I assured them that Mommy was okay. They said they weren’t crying because of that. said they were upset because they were on their way to McDonald’s and then to the soccer park before I got myself into an accident.
  9. Someone may have given this advice already, but what helped me instantly was listening to Gospel music in my car. Oddly enough, a taxi driver in Chicago gave me this advice twenty years ago when we got into a discussion about road rage. And a friend of mine, now my husband, made me a CD with all Gospel music on it, and as soon as I began listening to it in the car, my attitude changed. Now I annoy my husband when I drive because I let everyone cut in front of me and am overly kind on the road.
  10. I think it’s probably not good to call something a “sin” if it’s not in the Bible. I think Christ’s concern was that we love one another. If a person decides to get a tattoo or piercing, I don’t see how that does harm to another. I don’t like tattoos or piercings either, but if it makes a person happy, then I’m all for it.
  11. He had an agenda for “making a good reputation” because his days were coming to an end. He was indicted in 1929 and AFTER that is when he took credit for the soup kitchen. what was special about 1929? Again, the Valentine’s Day massacre occurred. In 193o, Chicago literally declared war on Capone and that’s when he started to try and repair his public reputation in an attempt to sway public opinion since he believed the reason Chicago had a change of heart (meaning they were now relentlessly pursuing him) was because of public opinion-which was true. The press had turned on him after the brutal killings. I’m not surprised a pastor would say that about Capone and other mobsters- they had priests and pastors on their payroll. In Joe Bananas autobiography, Man of Honor, he talks about being friends with priests, Billy Graham and others and sending them gifts and donations. Again, that pastor is crazy and every history book and mob biography would disagree with him.
  12. This is a blatant lie. He didn’t do any good works. There is zero proof that the Soup Kitchen was actually run by him, or that he donated a dime to it. What most believe to be true was that he shook down local grocers who donated food to a soup kitchen while Capone took credit for it. And it was mostly to improve his reputation after the “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre” that occurred the year before the Soup Kitchen opened. Before the horrible Massacre in 1929, Capone and the New York Crime families had been glamorized by the press. After the massacre, there was a public outcry to go hard after organized crime and Capone was sent to prison just a year after he claimed to have started the soup kitchen. Lucky Luciano was convicted after that. The man was a ruthless murderer that terrorized Chicago and corrupted the justice system there. When my grandfather became a cop in 1945, after Capone had died, the Chicago Police Department was still under the control of organized crime and it took decades for them to undo the damage Capone had done. He was nothing but a psychopath and shame on that pastor for suggesting otherwise.
  13. He comes every second of the day for believers who have passed on. I’ve heard so many stories over the years of people telling their family members that they saw Christ at their door, and then they passed away the next day.
  14. I agree. And Christians should be extra careful about reading these things and passing along information from them since our enemy is a liar. We don’t want to join forces with him in any way.
  15. No one really knows what goes on in a marriage, extended family etc. but it appeared she was suffering from PostPartum Depression. I think it’s unwise to make such serious decisions during incredibly stressful times.
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