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  1. That's where I am going, in my walk when I allow others to influence my Beliefs. My tip,,, Keep it simple folks If we cant love our closest then how can we love our enemy's Love to all particularly the JOSTLER... KEVANA.
  2. IN this there is more than some truth friend. JOSTLER here has shared a piece with me ; from The Ragamuffin Bible which sums up the western church today ,,, THE GREATEST SINGLE CAUSE OF ATHEISM IN THE WORLD TODAY IS CHRISTIANS...and follows .... WHO ACKNOWLEDGE JESUS WITH THEIR LIPS,WALK OUT THE DOOR & DENY HIM BY THEIR LIFESTYLE So in this starting with one, myself I hope to change that perception. I personally am in awe of my GOD every day, cant wait to wake up to what is before me each day and I share that with those HE brings across my path. Kevana
  3. Just had a further thought... If seeing scales fall from my eyes whilst in my front yard fully awake, middle of the day a year ago qualifys then yes I have also. Kev
  4. Loved it JOSTLER, as usual you nailed it. Love your quote from B/M
  5. In the western world where I have been blessed to live for most of my 60 odd years I have noticed that church numbers over the last 50+ years has been falling despite large population growth. So 50 years ago many church's were filled every weekend yet now where there are huge numbers its mainly the prosperity & entertainment type gatherings. And that's good as wherever the Gospel is preached is awesome; Our commission is love to obey and serve, to discern and not to judge... So for those of us that weekly attend modest to small gatherings and don't see much growth, more like rehashed already believers that for this reason or that are now in fellowship with us I ASK , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DOES THE WORLD TRUST US ??? Most would agree CHRISTIANS are ,,, a people set apart, loving, helpful, understanding, good friends, generous, kind and yet we have been given a GIFT so precious that we our instructed not to conceal this PRECIOUS GIFT but to share it ... Looking over my lifespan in many homes of GOD where the truth was misled ..eg Catholic priest pedo controversy ,,, thru to liberal church views about Gay clergy , the pay for healing message over the airways and other ways to attract new members, rather than revealing the truth ,,, JESUS alive in us ... SO WHAT ARE WE TO THOSE THAT THOSE THAT ARE PERISHING CAN THEY TRUST US. Kevana. p.s. It starts right here with you has said the LORD to me...
  6. Yes ,,, yet we must discern not judge, I believe because if God is using this to reach out to the lost . Then those that are covetous of his money lay their own bed ... selah KEV
  8. Yes I agree the day is coming, But my friend for now as I experience HIS great love and are often in awe when I receive new revelation rather than bust, I seek the company of another that may share my thoughts, and as it is not long ago that I walked with another master. Coming from the world after many years of backsliden life, I am surprised that those which remained on their walk, have in many cases less unction to follow up on merely greeting one another each week. To me returning home to my LORD was as the prodigal son somewhat : and looking about and seeing those that never left much as they were more than 15 years ago surprises me. I don't want to compare or critersise but ask why ??? I SEE HIS CHURCH AS A POWERHOUSE BECAUSE OF HIS PRESENSE, I FEEL LARGER THAN WHEN I WAS IN THE WORLD I FEEL THE DESIRE TO SHARE THAT WITH MY CHURCH ALSO.. as I sorta thought they may understand. I'm sometimes secretly envious of the street people that I meet on the foreshore only in one area,,,,,,, COMMUNITY.
  9. ALL YOU SAY IS TRUTH, BUT AS NEW ,TRANSFORMED FROM THE WORLD, SET APART TELL ME FRIEND ARE WE NOT TO BE A LIGHT TO THE LOST AND IF NOT SHOULD NOT OUR LIGHT SHINE MOST IN OUR GATHERINGS ARE WE NOT A LIGHTHOUSE THEREBY WHY DO WE SEEM SO SHY ??? where can I find a people like this ,,, Did you know in the world even the worst,,,,, the street people look out for each other,,, should they not find more among us ???
  10. Guys this is PROBABLY WHY I CAME TO THIS FORUM. I need real answers to this and many other questions as in my own church no one seems to have the time to answer my vast questions. But lets please thrash this one out first... I do understand that there are many levels in Christ and I don't seek this from those of no understanding. But to many Christians this openness matters. Please look at it from a view where I don't force myself on anyone, am not in their face yet after many months still have available; one that seems to be in the new state. By this I mean I'm not needy not pushy ; self described just if I were not in the church as being a regular guy, and we are a church of 40 or so yet I have visited others and found open discussions about a supernatural life are hard to even be on the table, unless a prophet or someone is needed or something. My life is no longer my own now; I am transformed from the world,am not shy in my new man, blown away by him more like it, such is the change and are really wondering if that is whats going on with myself and my wife & why do our brothers and sisters stay so distant. Kev
  11. Hello again DIANE Tis Kevana again ; felt some empathy with love for you the other day, so I shared from rock bottom the change can be real and I believe permanent.. While it has only been a few months it is, HE is more real than I ever felt and yet I feel that for this to happen I needed to do certain things... # 1 Had to fully surrender #2 Clean out my closet so to speak, all of it music taste some, poor choice friends,some shows, venues, talk, etc #3 But most important was to wait on the Holy Spirit and even as a born again person, I personally cant imagine how hard it would be to succeed when not filled with HIS HOLY SPIRIT as I have so few believing friends at the mo, I pray you find this relationship with him,one available to all of his children as his promise. kev
  12. To Diane, YES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have And for many,many years, and yet as I fell away into really bad places, HE the Holy Spirit would show up, you know that's why we come back,,, HE reach's out you know this because of His love for us... In fact I have only been back for less than 6 months but finally, after I have probably exhausted all attempts to make it through this life under my own steam. So I surrended ; I fully gave all of myself to him was renewed, restored forgiven washed anew,, given a renewed spirit revelation restored and then just 4 days later sinned again, by my standards very small sin but enough to cry out ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LORD WHAT MUST I DO , , , , , , not to fall away again !!!!!!! and HE said go and sin no more, so I said to HIM how ??? Short version Genesis 4 : all of Cains problems were now as mine, So I said what could this show me ??? And HE said to me Cain did not have to follow thru on the temptation inflicting him, So I said LORD I finally get it,,, NOT TO WILLFULLY SIN to make a decision every day to not willfully sin which is in my prayers to HIM every morning since and praise HIM I'm doin ok ,, with help from psalm 19 : 13 This works for me because it lines up with HIS Word and I have a relationship with HIM and as months go by I am falling further in love with HIM.. I dont know many Christians due to my long absence but I know HIM ,,,,, dont bother with people simply find a love for them. Hope this helps you Diane kev.
  13. Hello SERAQAEL I HEAR what you are saying and even, all of those above say what is true, and yet does it help us understand... Because I reach out to others both in church and basically anywhere and find myself still with my wife as one of the few that really get me.. Now over time this can leave you feeling lonely,,, as even though nothing can separate us from Christ we still yearn the company of like-minded friends hopefully sooner rather than ,,,,,For I have experienced in the gatherings in Christ its much as you do, and I feel myself that we really need to wake up... So what can I do !!!!! Be the best person I can be, be helpful,pray for those not open up to us, enjoy the meeting among Gods children and wait until God changes how the place operates ... Welcome here ,, Kevana
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